Terms and Conditions

New Car Stock Business Rules

New Car Stock is provided subject to these Rules and the Main Advertising Terms and Conditions which are incorporated in the Rules by reference. If there is any conflict between these Rules and the provisions in the Main Advertising Terms and Conditions, these Rules shall have precedence.

Terms defined in the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions shall have the same meaning in these Rules if, should a term be defined in both the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions and these Rules, the meaning of the term defined in these Rules shall have precedence in relation to the Rules.

The New Car Stock trial allows retailers to upload new cars for free. These cars will appear on Auto Trader under the ‘All’ stock tab and the ‘New’ stock tab, they will also appear on a retailer’s profile page. Where provided, the MRRP will be used in conjunction with the advertised price to highlight a saving to the consumer.

  1. Definitions
    1. “New car” refers to an unregistered vehicle which has recorded less than 100 miles. A pre-registered vehicle is not a new car and does not qualify for this offer.
    2. “MRRP” is defined as the “manufacturer recommended retailer price”. This price is for the specific vehicle including any optional extras such as tax and delivery charges, but excluding any products like paint protection and GAP which may be added at the point of purchase.
  2. Business Rules
    1. The New Car Stock is only available to Franchise Retailers who have an existing advertising package in place with Auto Trader. All references to Retailers in these Rules shall mean Franchise Retailers.
    2. Retailers may only advertise vehicles that they own.
    3. Auto Trader does not permit for any single vehicle to be advertised at multiple sites within the Retailer network.
    4. Retailers will be responsible for adding any additional vehicles as part of the trial via a stock feed.
    5. New car adverts will not be part of a retailer’s used car package and will therefore not benefit from all products purchased in the used car package.
    6. Once the New Car Stock Trial period has ended, the new car stock advertised as part of the trial will be removed unless the retailer has made a separate agreement to continue.
    7. Any retailer knowingly providing inaccurate MRRP data will be removed from the trial and reported to the relevant OEM.
    8. Any retailer deemed to be misusing the trial will be removed from the New Car Stock trial.
    9. This product is currently provided at no cost. Auto Trader reserve the right to apply a charge at any point in the future. Any change in pricing will be notified to customers with 7 days’ notice.
  3. Cancellation / Termination
    1. The Retailer may cancel the New Car Stock trial at any time within the allocated time frame that the trial is available.
    2. Auto Trader reserves the right to amend, modify or remove any or all the products or services offered as part of the New Car Stock trial at any point with immediate effect. Upon doing so, Auto Trader will notify the Retailer.