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29 June 2022 • Updates

Are you doing enough to engage buyers?

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15 June 2022 • Updates

How are commercial vehicle retailers finding the current market?

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01 June 2022 • Updates

How can retailers succeed in the months ahead?

Featuring a Q&A with Nathan Coe

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18 May 2022 • Updates

What does the current market health mean for retailers?

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04 May 2022 • Updates

What does it take to be an award-winning retailer? With a focus on mystery shopping

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20 April 2022 • Updates

Are you doing enough with your reviews?

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06 April 2022 • Updates

From pricing to demand: What's the latest on the market?

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23 March 2022 • Updates

What affect is the crisis in Ukraine having on the market? Plus, an analysis of the van market and where it’s heading in 2022 and beyond

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09 March 2022 • Updates

Who's winning on the road to 2030

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23 February 2022 • Updates

Are you missing out on profit from your forecourt?

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09 February 2022 • Updates

Do consumers want to buy cars online?

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26 January 2022 • Updates

Question time with our CEO

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12 January 2022 • Updates

Are we seeing the end of retail price rises?

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01 December 2021 • Updates

January starts in December, are you prepared?

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24 November 2021 • Updates

Driving EV adoption on the road to 2030?

An EV special webinar

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17 November 2021 • Updates

Are retail prices about to drop?

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03 November 2021 • Updates

Is consumer demand softening?

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20 October 2021 • Updates

Are you selling too fast for too little profit?

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06 October 2021 • Updates

Is this a wake-up call to start stocking more EV’s?

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22 September 2021 • Updates

Is the driver shortage a crisis in waiting for retailers?

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08 September 2021 • Updates

Will this month’s plate change ease the pressure on stock? 8 September 2021

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18 August 2021 • Updates

Our supply and demand forecast for the rest of 2021 and how we can support you into the new year

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04 August 2021 • Updates

How we're unlocking more stock for retailers

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21 July 2021 • Updates

Relaxing restrictions: What’s next for car dealers?

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07 July 2021 • Updates

How has the pandemic impacted dealer finance?

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23 June 2021 • Updates

Have you got hidden profit on your forecourt?

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09 June 2021 • Updates

Do high price vehicles sell?

We’ll be continuing the conversation around valuations, with a specific ...

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26 May 2021 • Updates

Are valuations moving quick enough?

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19 May 2021 • Updates

Sourcing stock in a shortage

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12 May 2021 • Updates

Auto Trader awards & mystery shopping 2021

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28 April 2021 • Updates

How to keep buyers locked-in to your adverts

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21 April 2021 • Updates

How we’re improving your package to give you and your buyers a better, more efficient experience

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14 April 2021 • Updates

Smarter retailing, post-lockdown

How to attract today’s buyers to your adverts

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07 April 2021 • Updates

Using lockdown learnings to operate more efficiently

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24 March 2021 • Updates

Why retailing won't be going back to normal

A look at how retailing may not be going back to normal post-pandemic

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17 March 2021 • Updates

Keywords and kilowatts: Insights into SEO and electric vehicles

A look at our latest EV insights and how you can improve your SEO

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10 March 2021 • Updates

The road to reopening physical forecourts: What the budget announcements mean for you

Mike Jones, chairman, ASE Global joins us to talk about what the latest ...

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03 March 2021 • Updates

The road to reopening physical forecourts: How buyers are reacting to lifting restrictions

We reveal the impact the latest government announcement has had on consu...

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24 February 2021 • Updates

Solving part-exchange challenges

Owner of Car Synergy UK join us to share the recent wins he's been havin...

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10 February 2021 • Updates

A look at how you can make the most of pent-up demand

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03 February 2021 • Updates

Question time with our CEO

Our CEO Nathan Coe answers your questions

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27 January 2021 • Updates

How to keep buyers locked into your adverts for longer

New advertising features to showcase your brand

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20 January 2021 • Updates

Keep turning searches into sales during Lockdown 3.0

How Phil Weaver Automotive are making the most of click and collect

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13 January 2021 • Updates

Auto Trader Update on Lockdown 3.0

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17 December 2020 • Insight

How to convert ANY deal that comes with a part-exchange

Discover how you can convert any part-ex with complete peace of mind.

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16 December 2020 • Insight

Auto Trader and NCC update: Reflections & predictions for the Leisure Industry

A look at how the global pandemic has affected motorhome & caravan sales...

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16 December 2020 • Insight

Planning for 2021: An Independent special

A panel of large and small independent retailers discuss the outlook for...

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11 December 2020 • Updates

Are you prepared for Brexit?

We'll be joined by a panel of experts to share steps you need to take in...

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09 December 2020 • Insight

Planning for 2021: A franchise and supermarket special

A panel of supermarket retailers from different areas of the business in...

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02 December 2020 • Insight

Digital Retailing: How to win your share of buyers in 2021

Chris takes us through his strategies for beating your competition and w...

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25 November 2020 • Updates

Weekly update

Content to be confirmed.

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18 November 2020 • Updates

Distance Selling Part 2: Handling Part Exchanges

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11 November 2020 • Updates

Are you ready for Distance Selling?

Peter Stonely and Nona Bowkis join us to answer your distance selling qu...

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06 November 2020 • Updates

COVID-19: Auto Trader Support Update

Our COO, Catherine Faiers will be updating retailers on how Auto Trader ...

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28 October 2020 • Updates

How covid-19 has affected dealer finance

We’re joined by Fiona Mackay to share what we’ve seen in the dealer fina...

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23 October 2020 • Insight

Auto Trader Retailer Awards 2020

Discover our latest insights, what it takes to be an award winning retai...

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22 October 2020 • Insight

Black Inclusion: Past, Present and Future

We're proud to partner with Black Leaders UK to deliver a thought-provok...

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14 October 2020 • Updates

5 Steps to finish the year strong

Practical tips to reach your year-end targets

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01 October 2020 • Updates

Finishing the year strong with Nathan Coe & Daksh Gupta

Nathan & Daksh will be discussing the job retention scheme & looking at ...

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16 September 2020 • Updates

Plate Change: An exclusive Q&A with Drive Vauxhall

An interview with Rob Keenan, MD at Drive Vauxhall, plus Chris Penny tel...

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02 September 2020 • Updates

An update on wholesale & how to use Auto Trader data when buying and pricing stock

We’ll be joined by Sarah Marley from Dealer Auction and this week’s ‘exp...

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19 August 2020 • Updates

An independent’s pricing & sourcing strategy post lockdown & a live price indicator Q&A

We’re joined by Browns Autos to find out about their pricing and sourcin...

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05 August 2020 • Updates

How John O'Hanlon is adapting his business and his outlook for the rest of 2020

A look at how Waylands Automotive are adapting, plus how to take advanta...

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03 August 2020 • Insight

New Car Masterclass - Delivering exceptional new car retail experiences online

Nick King, Chris Penny & Bex Feeney are taking retailers on a New Car ma...

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22 July 2020 • Updates

A live interview with Retailer of the Year 2019, Angus Mackinnon Ltd

Plus, address those logistical challenges with Vehicle Moves, a free too...

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08 July 2020 • Updates

An interview with Robert Forrester, CEO at Vertu Motors

A live conversation between our COO, Catherine Faiers and Robert Forrest...

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24 June 2020 • Updates

Interview with Michael Bell, CEO at Available Car Supermarket

A look at the challenges a supermarket retailer is currently facing and ...

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23 June 2020 • Updates

Bike Update : An insight into the current bike climate

Our plans to continue supporting you, including updates on our latest pr...

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17 June 2020 • Updates

Sourcing and disposing the right stock, one of the key challenges for retailers right now

A focus on three key areas that are a challenge right now; sourcing and ...

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10 June 2020 • Updates

An independent retailer’s view on what trading has been like since reopening on 1st June

We’re joined by Jacob Freshwater, Managing Director of Fresh Motors to f...

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03 June 2020 • Updates

Restocking your forecourt with the fastest selling vehicles and an update on admin fees

A hands-on demo on how Market Insight can help you source the right stoc...

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27 May 2020 • Updates

An interview with Adam Turner, Director at Chorley Group & Updates from Mike Hawes, CEO at SMMT

This week we’re joined by Adam Turner from Chorley Group on how they’ve ...

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20 May 2020 • Updates

An international view on the effects of COVID-19 and how Germany are recovering

We’re joined by Ian Plummer and Felix Frank, CMO at AutoScout24 for an e...

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13 May 2020 • Updates

How COVID-19 is affecting the wholesale sector

We’re joined by Le Etta Pearce, CEO at Dealer Auction to update on how t...

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06 May 2020 • Updates

An update on government funding schemes

Mike Jones, Chairman at ASE Global joins us to update on the furlough sc...

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29 April 2020 • Updates

A guide to distance selling & the latest consumer research findings

Peter Stonely joins us from Trading Standards to make sure you’re equipp...

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22 April 2020 • Updates

How COVID-19 is affecting consumer finance agreements

We’re joined by James Marquette from the finance & leasing association t...

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15 April 2020 • Updates

An update from Nathan Coe, CEO at Auto Trader

An update from Nathan Coe on how we will continue to support retailers t...

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08 April 2020 • Updates

How retailers are adapting to remote working

Jacob Freshwater will be sharing how his dealership has adapted to remot...

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01 April 2020 • Updates

What options do Retailers have amidst COVID-19?

We'll be discussing what options retailers have during this lockdown per...

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25 March 2020 • Updates

An open discussion on how the industry can adapt amidst COVID-19

How to continue selling cars amidst a global pandemic with guest present...

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11 March 2020 • Updates

What's new from April & why we're making these changes

Ever wondered why we change your Auto Trader package every April? Find o...

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18 February 2020 • Insight

Auto Trader Awards 2020

Award season is quickly approaching and we want to make sure that you ha...

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28 November 2019 • Updates

Bringing more confidence to car buying

Auto Trader reveal their latest product improvements to improve the car ...

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13 October 2019 • Performance

How to make Winter work for you (Bike retailers only)

We will share some interesting data on bike sales across the period, as ...

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12 October 2019 • Insight

Market Report: The Future of Car Retailing

The Market Report focuses on the future of retailing and we'll be delvin...

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11 October 2019 • New Car

How a Volvo retailer is growing new car sales in a slowing market

An interview with Andrew Axson, Sales Manager at Volvo Cars Havant.

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08 October 2019 • Performance

Sell your cars quicker with Retail Accelerator

Filmed from an independent retailer’s dealership to find out how they’re...

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27 August 2019 • Updates

Changes to Search

Find out about our exciting change to our search sort order which will m...

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01 August 2019 • Insight

Mystery Shopping Findings 2019

Join us on Thursday 1st August to see what we uncovered whilst mystery s...

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13 May 2019 • New Car

New Car Awards 2019

Unlock an unmissable opportunity to help attract more buyers and sell mo...

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11 April 2019 • Insight

Market Report: Evolution of the car

Find out what 5,000 UK consumers think of the car buying process

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28 February 2019 • Updates

The launch of AT Vehicle Check

We launched AT Vehicle Check from 4th March 2019, something that could h...

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14 February 2019 • Updates

Transport your vehicles with AT Vehicle Moves

The latest updates and developments in our new Vehicle Moves offering, h...

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14 February 2019 • Updates

Motor Trade Delivery for Franchise retailers

A way of moving vehicles around the country, specifically for franchise ...

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31 January 2019 • New Car

A look back at the New Car market in 2018 & Predictions for 2019

A look back at the New Car market and the latest product developments in...

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24 January 2019 • Insight

Mystery Shopping Findings 2018

Findings from the 2018 Mystery Shopping Programme where 1000 retailers w...

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19 October 2018 • Updates

Stock Exports

Stock Exports, how to advertise all your stock on Auto Trader at no extr...

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19 October 2018 • Updates

A new way to ‘Live Chat’ with your customers

Fresh updates on your adverts and a new addition to your package.

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19 October 2018 • Finance

Combining Dealer Finance & Part Ex Valuations

Find out about the latest developments in our journey to combine part ex...

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19 October 2018 • Finance

Bike — Everything you need to know about Dealer Finance

Convert more browsers into buyers. We’ll show you how you can do this ju...

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19 October 2018 • New Car

Advertising brand-new stock on Auto Trader

20 minutes to untap the potential of brand-new car advertising and reduc...

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19 September 2018 • Insight

How we produce unique insight and metrics

Behind the scenes: How Auto Trader produces unique insight and metrics.

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19 August 2018 • Updates

Updates to our Full Page Advert

Improvements to your adverts, plus finance options more visible to buyers.

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18 August 2018 • Performance

How to win in today’s marketplace

Find out what the best-performing dealers are doing to sell more cars, q...

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17 August 2018 • Performance

Why negative reviews aren’t as bad as you think

Dealer reviews; what they could do for your business. Negativity can help.

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16 August 2018 • Performance

How to win in today’s Van marketplace

What’s new for Van’s - finance and why it’s important to give buyers cho...

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15 August 2018 • Finance

Display your own finance rates

Latest research and what digital excellence means for retailers, plus fi...

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14 August 2018 • Insight

WLTP and your business

The current state of the market and WLTP with ARN and Auto Trader

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