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Changes to vehicle data


What’s happening?

We are expanding our vehicle data (taxonomy) that powers the make / model derivative information and associated spec and manufacturer packs when you lookup a VRM in Dealer Portal. We are making this change based on feedback from dealers like you and to improve the accuracy of our data. It’s important that you understand these changes and know how you should advertise vehicles with manufacturer packs after this change.


What are the benefits?


Key improvements you can expect following this change are:

  • Easier for your customers to find and compare multiple variants of the same base derivative
  • Simplified derivative lists when you advertise vehicles
  • More accurate standard and optional equipment lists
  • Improved data to help better advertise Alternative-Fuel Vehicles (AFVs)
  • More frequent updates of data for recently released derivatives
  • Improved data for the transition to WLTP (Worldwide Light Vehicle Testing Protocol)

What will I need to do differently?

The changes will take effect from July onwards. The main thing you’ll see is a change to how you select manufacturer packs. From the VRM lookup, you will select the core derivative, then add any manufacturer packs as additional spec. It’s important you understand this, as it can impact vehicle valuations if you don’t add the correct spec for the vehicle.

Adding manufacturer packs to vehicles – what you need to know

Portal users

The process for adding manufacturer pack information (such as Chilli, comfort and performance packs) to a vehicle advert in Portal will change.

Current process:
You select a derivative which contains the manufacturer pack information.

New process:
You will select the derivative, and add the manufacturer pack in the additional spec section. If advertising BMW or Mini vehicles, manufacturer packs should be added automatically from manufacturer data, but we would recommend you check the correct spec has been added.

Datafeed users

We recommend that you include pack information in the body text of the advert description. Our algorithm will detect this in your advert text and reflect in the valuation and price indicator where relevant.


Frequently asked questions

Packs will still be available to select, they’ll no longer be in the derivative drop down, but will instead be in the optional extras section.

Spec and packs will show in the ‘this car comes with’ section of the full-page advert. If you want to add prominence to packs, you can add these as a part of the attention grabber.

The description and spec on your adverts which you have live on today will not change for customers viewing your ads. If you need to edit an advert, the new taxonomy may be reflected in the options available, for example the list of available manufacturer colours may change.

We are improving our data sources for some vehicles, as a result you may see that some spec items are named differently. For example, “Leather steering wheel” may become “Steering wheel – leather”.

No. Some vehicles may still contain pack information in the derivative, however we would recommend you still add this as extra spec.