With more buyers to target, our prominence tools can help you attract a bigger share of audience

It will come as no surprise that to sell your vehicles faster and more frequently, you need to attract more buyers to your adverts. That starts by appearing in more searches and in a more prominent position within those searches, increasing the likelihood of buyers clicking on your adverts. From there, as long as you engage buyers on your adverts and follow our best practice guides you should convert more searches into sales. Utilising our prominence tools, can really grow your share of audience and maximise your return on investment with Auto Trader. With increasing numbers of retailers now shifting their strategy to attracting more buyers online, failure to focus on your online presence and maintaining the right visibility for your stock, will result in losing buyers to your competitors.

Attract Checklist

  • Make sure all your stock is advertised on Auto Trader
  • Get the right exposure for your stock
  • Improve your advert quality to attract more buyers to your adverts

If it’s not on Auto Trader, it’s effectively not for sale

The events of the last 10 months created huge challenges for retailers in all sectors and caused a fundamental shift in how buyers interact with sellers, with more of the process moving online. We don’t expect this to swing back and many of these behavioural changes are here to stay. This means that retailers need to ensure their digital forecourt reflects their physical forecourt and all stock is advertised on Auto Trader.

Stock that stands out gets seen. And when it gets seen, it gets sold

There are multiple options available to improve your share of audience and get your stock seen. If you are looking for a step-change in performance or have a big gap to goal; put all your stock in the spotlight with our Advanced and Premium selling packages. This gets all of your stock seen more often, meaning you shift stock faster. If you want to focus on attracting local buyers or targeting specific locations, our newest offering Top Spot will get you seen above all else. Alternatively, if you want to focus more specifically on problem stock, our pay-per-click packages can help you shift stock that isn’t getting the exposure it deserves in search.

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Advert quality is key to selling online

Enabling click & collect and home delivery services won’t open the floodgates to online sales without following our best practice guides and making some changes to your adverts. To attract more buyers, price to market and improve image quality. Then once they arrive ensure they have all the information and a high volume of high-quality imagery to bring the showroom experience onto your digital forecourt, enabling them to reach a purchasing decision online.

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