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Guaranteed Part-Exchange is a new tool we’re developing that you can use whenever a deal involves a part-ex, wherever the buyer chooses to interact with you. With 1 in 3 deals breaking down over part-ex values1, it enables you to offer guaranteed prices for part-exchanges to help you gain the buyers confidence and convert the sale. 3 out of 4 buyers said they’d be more likely to choose a retailer if they offered guaranteed prices for part-exchanges2.

How does it work?

The guaranteed prices are underwritten by Manheim (part of the Cox Automotive Group) significantly reducing the risk for you. And it’s up to you what you do with the part-ex. Keep it and retail it on, or if you don’t want it, simply dispose to Manheim. Any unwanted part-ex’s will be collected, and you’ll be paid for it within 5 days of the deal being accepted by Manheim.

This new part-exchange software is available in Portal, so you can use it with any customer and any enquiry type. It is also displayed in your Auto Trader adverts. Buyers simply answer a few questions about their cars condition and get a guaranteed price for it anywhere, anytime. So, you can spend less time haggling and more time selling to buyers who are ready to purchase.

Use with walk-ins and any enquiry type

The part-exchanging software is built into Portal and your Auto Trader adverts, to help you convert the sale wherever the customer interacts with you.

Create buyers who are ready to purchase from you

With a guaranteed price for their part-ex, buyers have the confidence to the deal with your dealership.

Source stock more cost-effectively

Bring in a continuous flow of buyers who come with a part-exchange, so you can source more of your retail stock through part-exchanges.

Free to access now but still in development

It’s still early in the products development, so it’s not quite the finished article yet. But we didn’t want to hold something back that could help you convert sales whilst restrictions are set to continue due to the pandemic. Because it’s still being developed, we’d love to hear your feedback on what we can do to make it better. This is just the beginning. We’ll continue building in new improvements based on your feedback. Hundreds of retailers are already benefiting. Click the button below and complete the form to join them.

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1: Auto Trader consumer research, September 2020, sample of 1,334 consumers.

2: Auto Trader consumer research, September 2020, sample of 1,320 consumers.

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