Price Indicator


The Price Indicator system is a simple way for your customers to determine whether the car they are looking at is a good deal or not.

Powered by our award-winning valuations, our price ratings help you build trust with your customers by making car prices more transparent.

How we do the maths

Every day we combine and analyse data from millions of vehicles. We use this data to work out a car's current market price, taking into account things like make, model, year, mileage, fuel type and optional extras.

The following are not included in our calculations, but may affect the car's price:

  1. The car's condition
  2. The car's colour
  3. Regional supply and demand
  4. Special modifications
  5. Additional services, warranties, admin


Price indicators are determined by comparing car prices against our market valuations.

The calculations are based on:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Derivative
  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Optional extras

We combine and analyse data from over 450,000 trade used car listings every day. Price Indicators are based on the live market today. What car receives a Great Price indicator today, might not tomorrow depending on what other vehicles have entered or exited the market.

A No Analysis indicator is only visible to you and will not show on your advertisements.

There are three main reasons why you might see a No Analysis indicator:

  1. Not enough data
    Cars where we don't currently have enough competitor information for your specific vehicle
    • Excluded cars

    • Cars under £1,500 and over £50,000
    • Very new cars e.g. anything under 300 miles and 6 months old
    • Cars over 15 years old
    • Cat CID (repaired vehicles that were written off)
    • Imports and new cars
    • Rare or classic

Adding specification to your Retail description or the Standard spec section in Portal affects the valuation of your vehicle and therefore your Price Indicator. You can add additional non-standard spec in the Options, upgrades and specification packs section in Portal. These details will then appear at the top of your advert under the Extra features section.

Yes, for Retail Check and Retail Accelerator users, the Price Indicator will update immediately.

If you do not use Retail Check or Retail Accelerator, the price will adjust, but the Price Indicator will disappear from whilst these updates take place. The Price Indicator will then update automatically, with a delay of around 15 minutes whilst it is refreshed in your adverts. This is to ensure car buyers do not view misleading information at any point.