Unstick your stock

Nine out of ten dealers lose more than £24,000 a year through over-age stock.*

Find the right cars for your forecourt

Sell cars faster using live market insight specific to your location

  1. AT Retail Rating rates vehicles from 1 to 100 based on market supply, buyer demand and days to sell
  2. Results are personalised for the precise location of your forecourt
  3. Save your checks and take them from the office to the auction

Price right today and every day

Stay ahead of competitors with real-time market insight.

  1. Optimise your retail price with spec-adjusted valuations
  2. View competitor price adjustments as they happen helping you price effectively to the live market
It’s really useful being able to see how attractive cars are, when it comes to pricing, I can maximise my profit opportunity whilst still retaining a great price tag. Andy Thompson, Kingsgate Cars

Use data science to avoid costly mistakes

Retail Check gives you access to unique data and insight into which cars are the quickest to sell. Using a combination of real-time market supply, live buyer demand and historical days to sell, Retail Check will generate a personalised AT Retail Rating that you can use to identify the best cars for your forecourt.

All you need to do is enter the VRM and mileage to access this insight.

This rating is personalised to your exact forecourt location, as even a relatively short distance away can give dramatically different results. Armed with this information, you can create a buying strategy that’s based on Auto Trader’s proven data science, so you only stock cars that are likely to sell quickly and avoid the ones that stick around.

I really like the new AT Retail Rating. Already it has saved me from buying from a poor seller. I was going to view and possibly buy a Mercedes-Benz the next day until I saw the AT Retail Rating of 10 (which dropped to 9 the next day). Luckily I left it. Peter Sheriff, PAS Motors