Industry leading, condition-based part-exchange valuation software

Brand-new software to use online AND offline to generate guaranteed prices for part-exchanges based on condition. All with the peace of mind that it’s underwritten.

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What is Guaranteed Part-Exchange?

Brand-new software that generates underwritten and guaranteed prices for part-exchanges based on condition. It’s built into your Portal, so you can use it anywhere, anytime with any deal that includes a part-exchange. It’s also built into your adverts so customers can get a guaranteed price for their part-ex 24/7. When the deals done, you choose what to do with the part-exchange. Choose to keep it, or choose to dispose of it through the underwrite service. You’ll be paid and have the vehicle collected within 5 working days of the disposal being accepted.

Part-exchange software for your dealership

The part-exchange software is built into Portal, so that it can be used whenever a deal includes a part-exchange, whether the buyer is online, offline, local or buying from a distance.

Price guarantee flag in search results

Any adverts that offer the part-ex price guarantee will be flagged in search results to help give potential buyers even more reason to view your adverts.

Guaranteed prices are underwritten

The guaranteed price is underwritten by Manheim, part of Cox Automotive UK, to give you the peace of mind to do the deal even with unwanted or risky part-ex’s.

Consistent and transparent part-ex appraisals

A brand-new and simple part-exchange condition appraisal tool using trusted and award-winning valuations. Carry out the appraisal with the customer and leverage trust in the Auto Trader brand to help you secure the sale.

AT Retail Rating for all part-ex’s

See the AT Retail Rating to help you decide whether to keep or dispose of the part-exchange based on demand in the market.

Powered by industry leading valuations technology

The guaranteed price is powered by Auto Trader’s award-winning valuations. And complemented by Manheim’s industry leading condition-based valuations.

Efficiently dispose of unwanted part-ex’s

The disposal option is there as an insurance policy for any unwanted part-ex’s. Choose to dispose and Manheim will collect and pay you for the part-ex within 5 days of accepting the disposal to keep your cashflow moving.

Enquiry prioritisation

See all of your incoming enquiries with indicators to help you prioritise the best quality ones first. You’ll see a ‘Price guarantee’ flag on any Guaranteed Part-Exchange enquiries.

All-new deals hub

You’ll see a new tab within your ‘Leads’ area, enabling you to create new deals anytime, wherever the customer is, as well as manage your ‘in progress’ deals. We’ll continue to build new features here to help you stack more of the deal, so watch this space.

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*Get your first 60 days free. As part of the introduction of Guaranteed Part-Exchange, new customers can benefit from their first 60 days free, after which point a charge for the product will be automatically applied to your invoice, unless you notify us before your 60-day period ends. In addition, a charge will be also applied by our partner for all disposals through Guaranteed Part-Exchange which take place after your 60-day period. The 60-day period runs from the first day the product is applied to your Auto Trader account. Offer isn’t available to returning Guaranteed Part-Exchange customers. Auto Trader reserves the right to refuse to allow any customers to participate at our sole discretion. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Guaranteed Part Exchange / Disposal Product Business Rules located here which will govern the provision of and your use of this product.