Performance essentials

Discover key improvements you can make to your adverts that help you build trust online and convert more browsers into buyers, without making any extra investment. It could be the difference between making and missing sales.

Stand out from the crowd

With more buyers completing more of the process online, brilliant advertising will always be one of your most effective levers for success on Auto Trader. It makes you stand out from the crowd, answers buyers key questions and builds trust. That means making the vehicle the star. Making sure it’s well prepped and showcased through lots of images, video and a high-quality description. And then providing buyers with additional information and tools they need to contact you.

What does the ‘ultimate car advert’ look like?

To help you consistently build the best adverts possible, we’ve created this ultimate example of an advert that contains everything available for you to turn browsers into buyers.

Top tips to help you create high performing adverts

  1. Features award wins to build trust
  2. Multiple services offered online
  3. Up to 100 high quality images
  4. Admin fee transparency
  5. Monthly payment options
  6. Dealership branding
  7. Lot's of customer reviews
  8. Live Chat and Text
  9. Home Delivery and Click & Collect
  10. Jargon-free description
  11. Guaranteed Part-Exchange

What does the ‘ultimate van advert’ look like?

  1. Multiple services offered
  2. Features award wins to build trust
  3. Be clear about the VAT status
  4. Stand out from the crowd with video
  5. Admin fee transparency
  6. Dealership branding
  7. Give more detailed view with up to 100 images
  8. Build confidence with lots of customer reviews
  9. Include all key features and specifications of the van
  10. Office Home Delivery and Click and Collect
  11. Promote the key selling points in the description
  12. Show your monthly finance offers
  13. Include a full history check to build confidence
  14. Enable buyers to contact you via Live Chat and Text

Helpful how to's

Great images and video are vital to securing sales. You can add up to 100 images in every advert to show buyers every angle and every detail. You wouldn't believe how many adverts we see that are poor quality, or no images at all. Make sure you don't fall into that trap with the help of our ultimate guide to photos and videos that sell.

This is your chance to tell everyone about the car in a professional way. Ask yourself, what makes it unique? Why should someone buy it? Use language that's easy to understand without jargon, making it crystal clear why your vehicle is the one for them. The more detail you provide, the more confident buyers will feel about getting in touch. And if the buyer is well informed about the car on offer, you should have an easier job of closing the deal.

Attention grabbers are displayed in search results to give you an extra opportunity to attract buyers into your adverts. Use clear, easy to understand language and avoid jargon. Our data can help you prioritise the most relevant features in your vehicles that consumers are looking for. If you’d like any support, we’re here to help. Just get in touch.

Live Chat and Text are two great tools to help you connect with more buyers. Both tools make it easy for buyers to connect with you in a place where they feel comfortable and confident. Just be sure to respond quickly and professionally. Like many of these tips, it could be the difference between making and missing a sale. Our tailored service enables you to choose whether you want to respond to all live chats, or whether you’d like our managed service to reply on your behalf when chats take place out of hours or if you’re unable to reply after a set time. If you haven’t already set up Live Chat and or Text, contact your account manager or get in touch.

Particularly in the current market where consumers are feeling the pinch, finance options can help buyers overcome affordability concerns by spreading payments monthly. If you're authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can display your own finance offers on Auto Trader, powered by your own lenders and rates. Find out more here. If you're ready to make game-changing improvements to the way you sell finance, then you might be interested in AutoConvert ; our award-winning finance and insurance software.

Both services boomed during lockdowns and many retailers have continued to embrace them as ways to give their customers additional convenience. If you’d like to offer either of these, simply click the ‘Account’ tab in Portal > Business account > Home services.

Available for cars only.

With 1 in 3 sales lost over part-ex disagreements, isn’t it time the customer and the retailer were on the same page? Guaranteed Part-Exchange gives you the power to convert any deal that comes with a part-exchange with complete peace of mind. You get your first 90-days free.

Click here to find out more.


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