How to attract more buyers for your brand new vehicles on Auto Trader

The top performing retailers are optimising these three key parts of their adverts and are sharing thousands of leads every week. Overall, the best quality adverts attract more buyers, generate more leads and ultimately result in more sales.

Imagery and video

We understand it's not always possible to photograph your brand new stock. But if you can, then the effect on your advert performance can be dramatic.

They’re more engaging than configurator imagery and give buyers confidence the vehicle is genuinely in stock.

Pre-haggled prices

Buyers hate haggling and it puts them off buying. To ensure a seamless journey from online to the forecourt, your digital price should be the same as your showroom price. Offering a saving on the MRRP of just £250 could significantly improve the performance of your adverts.

Vehicle descriptions

Adverts with a snappy attention grabber give buyers more reason to click through to your ads.

Don't forget to add a description of the vehicle, which will appear within your advert. This is another opportunity to sell the vehicle and build trust with buyers.

How to create the ultimate advert

Now that you've seen our three top tips, download this guide to discover how to take your advert performance to the next level.

Free tools to attract buyers

Don't forget, as part of your Auto Trader package you can enable buyers to contact you via Live Chat and Text for free.

They give buyers confidence to contact you and generate up to 10% more leads. Visit the "Account" tab in your Portal to set them up.

See what retailers are saying

"The beauty of Auto Trader’s new car proposition is that its giving buyers visibility"

See what buyers are saying

"Auto Trader is a site I’d trust to find a new car, its got everything"

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