Tracking telephone leads from Auto Trader

We know that calls are your most valuable source of leads. We’re upgrading our platform to include call tracking on all adverts, for free. This will allow you to track calls along with your email and text leads, helping you to more accurately measure the return on investment you’re getting from Auto Trader.

Checking your numbers

We've automatically taken the numbers from your existing adverts and completed a line test to make sure the number connects. You can login to portal to verify your numbers, add backup numbers and make any changes you need to.

Benefits of AT Calls

Understand your response

See how many calls you’ve generated from your Auto Trader adverts, compare lead volumes from all key channels; email, calls and text. Add notes to calls so you know which vehicle they enquired about.

Never miss a call

Manage calls and missed calls, alongside email enquiries and texts all in Portal. Add your email or mobile number to get a notification if you miss a call, so you can call the customer straight back.

Choice of two numbers

You can choose whether we show a local, national or mobile number on the advert and assign two numbers in the background. If you don’t answer on the first number, we’ll automatically divert the customer to your backup number.

Call recordings at your fingertips

Calls are recorded allowing you to listen back to previous calls, so you can train staff or resolve customer disputes. Auto Trader will never listen to your calls without your permission.


  • Yes, AT Calls works for all landline and mobile numbers. You can generate a tracking number to look like a landline or mobile number regardless of whether your preferred contact number is a mobile or landline. This also means you can set up a local landline tracking number on your adverts, even if you’re using a mobile as your preferred contact number.

  • Yes, this can be set up in Portal. You can link two second contact numbers to a tracking number. If you miss a call on your preferred contact number, the call will divert to the second contact number.

  • You can set up missed call notifications by heading to ‘Account’ > ‘Call settings’ in Portal. In the ‘Missed call alerts’ section, you can add your email address and mobile number to receive missed call notifications.

  • To set this up, head to ‘Account’ > ‘Call settings’ in Portal. Scroll down to the ‘Call recording’ section and check the box to start call recording.

  • To disable call recording, head to ‘Account’ > ‘Call settings’ in Portal. Scroll down to the ‘Call recording’ section and uncheck the box to stop call recording.

  • As AT Calls isn’t PCI compliant, you’ll need to pause the recording when taking card payments over the phone. To pause the recording, simply press *1 and press *2 to resume.

  • All number changes can now be completed in Portal. You can access the page through ‘Account’ > ‘Call settings’. Here you can manage and make changes to your destination and tracking numbers, as well as configuring their call recording, email and SMS alerts.