“As a relatively small independent dealer being able to locate and source good quality stock quickly, efficiently and from professional and trusted sources is always a challenge. Autotrade-mail solves this problem. It enables us to buy and sell stock effectively, whilst building lasting relationships with dealers all around the country that without the system we would never have found.”

Tom Pawle

Victory Car Sales Ltd

“Since the new website has come out I can go on there now and change something and it’ll be done within half an hour, so it makes the pages look fresh.”

Lee Gueller

PX Trade

“I like Auto Trader because it’s an established product, it’s a brand that’s been out there for a long, long while, and it’s enthusiastic. People are realising we don’t need to just have the internet, we need partners and Auto Trader will be one of my partners to move forward.”

Rob Harris

Cavalier Garages

“Autotrade-mail’s ‘real time’ used car valuation system changes as soon as markets change. This solves the problem of uncertainty around exact market. Using Autotrade-mail means I can be more confident that the vehicles I am buying and selling on a day to day basis are at today’s price – not values that were researched during the previous month.”

Ryan Field

Field Motor Solutions Ltd

“We’ve seen an increase in leads and our sales are up”

Bob Sherwin Ltd

“We have been trading caravans for over 20 years and have always used Auto Trader, even back when it was just a magazine. One big change I have noticed with the new online world, is that customers are coming to us more tech savvy than ever before.We have customers from all over the country. Many years ago it used to be all phone calls but nowadays a lot of people get in touch via filling in the form on the Auto Trader website. It has given customers an extra point of contact which they never had before, which brings in more business. Within hours of putting a caravan on we can start receiving calls.”


J G Trading Co - Caravan Dealer

“Barnsley Commercials love the way Auto Trader constantly evolves ensuring that we have the most up to date chances of putting our vehicle in front of potential buyers. They adapt to the changes in the way the customer wants to search for their vehicles and pass that information on to us so we can make the most of it.

The simplicity of putting a vehicle on the market has to be number one on the list of what Auto Trader does to make our business easier.”

Wayne England

Barnsley Commercials - Van Dealer

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