1,000 recent buyers surveyed, 5 on camera, 3 key findings…

What buyers want

Over 100,000 brand new cars are hidden from buyers, and two thirds of people don’t know these cars exist.1 We surveyed over 1,000 recent new car buyers, and invited 5 of them to talk to us on camera, revealing three key things buyers want when researching a brand new car…

9 out of 10 buyers want one website to compare the new cars available from their local dealers.1

“I would love a one stop shop for new cars”

Two thirds of buyers don’t believe that dealers stock brand new cars.1

“If all the new cars out there were advertised online, it would be great, then you know exactly what’s out there”

Two thirds of buyers prefer to buy from their local dealers. 1

“Because its down the road, its less hassle, and if anything goes wrong – it’s so much easier”

Put your brand new stock in front of millions of buyers

UK car buyers trust Auto Trader to help them find their next car. Unlock your digital showroom and start advertising today.

Advertising our brand new stock on Auto Trader enables us to get our stock in front of significantly more in-market buyers than we had previously. We’re currently advertising 49 brand new cars on Auto Trader and last week sold an I20 S-Connect through the platform Craig Cartledge, Sales Manager, West Riding Hyundai – Manchester, January 2019


1: Auto Trader market research, January 2019.

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