Van Buyer Research

Deciding and Buying

The importance of the role of the retailer was highlighted throughout the researching process, to help support and reassure buyers and remove complexities often experienced. But the relationship with the retailer can not be overestimated when buyers get to the deciding and buying stage.

Information from the dealer is one of the key influences of decision making for both personal buyers and SMEs.

Percentage who say information from the dealer helps their choice

Consumer demand surges soon after first lockdown
I look on the reviews and see what people are saying, you know. They have really good reviews. Personal owner (sole trader)
I would ask Bob (contact at local dealership), as he knows how to explain it to me. But, I still do my own research. SME
We've had a contact at the dealership for a long time, are we getting the best deals..? Probably not, but to have someone who's reliable and knows our requirements, it seems to work. SME

And while helpful sources differ slightly between SMEs and personal buyers, speaking to a helpful dealer is one of the things to help buyers move further along the buying process

Helpful sources

Did any of these help you move further along the van buying process, or speed up the process?

Helpful sources

Most buyers want a van that is within 100 miles, although many were willing to travel even further for a good deal, to get the van they want quicker or to visit a respected dealer.

Travel distance

How far were you willing to travel to get the van you wanted?

Travel distance to purchase
Reasons to travel further

What would encourage you to travel further?

Reasons to travel further

To hear the results of our commercial vehicle mystery shopping and find out more about how you can help to build the relationship with buyers to keep them for future years, watch our Van Buyer Report webinar.