There's more to our award-winning valuations than meets the eye

Where do you turn to when seeking valuations and real-time data to make smart business decisions?

With over 1.9 million car and van prices tracked daily and the number one marketplace to sell your stock - why look anywhere else for the insight to support your business?

Our award-winning valuations data powers the marketplace and is used daily by over 7,000 retailers including eight of the top ten AM100 retailer groups and OEM’s such as PSA Group and BMW.

An unrivalled view of the live market

1.9 million

Over 1.9 million vehicles tracked daily


Vehicle data matched to over 50,000 derivatives


Over 90,000 vehicle updates tracked each day


Over 19,000 vehicles added or removed from our database daily

Nobody else in the market can combine the power of vehicle observations we make daily with the strength of the consumer behaviour we observe and track every second of every day.

Our team of six data scientists analyse this data daily, taking in over 10 terabytes of user event data per month and producing the most accurate reflection of the live retail market.

Recognised by the industry

Winner of the Car Dealer Valuations Provider of the Year award for two years running.

What's in our valuations?

We recognise that different buyers have different opinions on what a good value vehicle is. That’s why our valuations are focused solely on the real factors that impact the price of a vehicle.

Factors that impact our valuations:



Spec and optional extras


Valuations based on the vehicle, not the retailer

There are elements which are not included in Auto Trader valuations, because these do not objectively influence the value of the vehicle.

These factors are still important but are personal to each car buyer. That’s why our adverts are designed to highlight factors to car buyers in other ways, outside our valuations.

Factors that don't impact our valuations:



Dealer service


Service history

Number of owners


“At Marshall Motor Group we recognise that even the smallest under or over valuation could have a significant impact on our bottom line. Our solution was to embed Auto Trader’s data and valuations into our own leading intelligence system, enabling our sales teams from across 100+ sites to manage stock from a single application. As well as saving time and effort, this data has helped us sell more cars, faster, and make more profit in the process."

Marshall Motor Group Ltd