Unlocking a new source of stock for you

Cash for cars sites make it more difficult for retailers to source stock. We’re working hard to give you the power to source stock more efficiently and more profitably. Watch the video to discover how.

Inefficiencies increase your costs

Every year, cash for cars sites buy hundreds of thousands of cars, then sell them to retailers through traditional auctions, with costly buyer fees. It results in over £150m of additional cost for retailers annually. Sometimes these cars don’t even make it to auction at all.

Consumer convenience, retailer inconvenience

When selling their car, 94% of consumers want a quick and easy way to sell. Cash for cars sites capitalise on this. But convenience for the consumer in this case means inconvenience and extra cost for retailers.

There’s a better way

We believe this a market that can’t be ignored because it should  be a valuable source of stock for retailers. It needs disrupting and we believe we can leverage our brand awareness, trust and scale to reduce these inefficiencies, putting more stock back into your hands.


How our proposition works

Unlike cash for cars sites, our goal is to ensure the vehicles we acquire are returned to retailers quickly through Dealer Auction, with significantly lower buyer fees. We also list the vehicles that retailers dispose of through Guaranteed Part-Exchange in Dealer Auction, as well as all vehicles listed on Auto Trader by private sellers. These three components combine to unlock a previously untapped source of stock for retailers.

Image that demonstrating how selling through a cash for cars site is less profitable and less efficient
Image demonstrating how Auto Trader helps source stock and reduce fees

What is Guaranteed Part-Exchange?

Guaranteed Part-Exchange gives you the power to improve sales conversion and source stock more cost-effectively, all-in-one go. Your customers get the confidence of a guaranteed price for their part-ex. And you get the peace of mind that it’s underwritten. So you can convert any deal that comes with a part-ex.
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What is Dealer Auction?

Dealer Auction is the UK’s busiest auction site. Fact. More vehicles, from more sources, selling to more buyers, all day, every day. Dealer Auction makes it easy to make this marketplace work for you. Intuitive tools and filters to make finding and winning relevant vehicles straightforward and fast. Alerts save you time, and it’s easy to fund and move vehicles at the click of a button, too.
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Supported by nationwide TV advertising

From 4 August, we’re launching a new TV ad to raise awareness of our Instant Offer service. The advert dramatises a persons search for the best way to sell their old car, then reveals Instant Offer as the perfect match. We’re investing heavily in this space, so you can expect to see the volume of stock available for you to source in Dealer Auction increase significantly.


Let’s keep evolving together

Together, we can do more to reduce these inefficiencies from the market, put more stock back into your business and increase your profitability.



You must be signed up for one of Auto Trader’s sourcing products; Guaranteed Part-Exchange or Dealer Auction.

Our Instant Offer service enables consumers to sell their car for a guaranteed price and have it collected from their home. We then make those vehicles immediately available to retailers through Dealer Auction. Buyer fees are disruptively low, and any retailers with an Auto Trader sourcing product get exclusive access to this stock.

Dealer Auction is the UK’s smartest digital wholesale marketplace. Unlike traditional auctions, Dealer Auction is digital only, has disruptive buyer fees, and uses unique data & insight to support your instincts with sourcing decisions.

Guaranteed Part-Exchange gives retailers the power to offer guaranteed prices for part-exchanges to source more stock through improved sales conversion. The guaranteed prices are underwritten, giving retailers peace of mind to do the deal even with unwanted part-ex’s.

Our differentiator is that vehicles sold to the underwriter through Guaranteed Part-Exchange and vehicles acquired through our Instant Offer service are immediately returned to retailers to source through Dealer Auction, within hours, not weeks, and are available for disruptively low buyer fees.

Our Instant Offer service enables consumers to sell their car via Auto Trader for a guaranteed price, which is underwritten and facilitated by Manheim. These vehicles are then made available to retailers in Dealer Auction. Watch this webinar for more information.