Stop wasting profit margins when moving vehicles

With Vehicle Moves , you get unlimited access to the UK’s #1 logistics marketplace, included in your Auto Trader Package. Just click the ‘Moving’ tab in Portal to access. List vehicles to be moved from A to B by over 350 trusted suppliers and save on average £26 per move. In 2021 alone, retailers using the platform saved £2.6m. Now available for delivery to your customers' homes.

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A real game changer for part-exchange

Guaranteed Part-Exchange brings new levels of trust, ease and convenience to trade-ins. Your customers get a guaranteed price for their part-exchange, which is underwritten. If you want the part-ex, it’s all yours. If you don’t, the underwriter collects and pays you for it in 5 days*. Think of it like an insurance policy for unwanted or risky part-ex’s. It’s backed by our award-winning valuations to bring trust and increased conversion.

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The UK’s smartest digital wholesale marketplace

Dealer Auction is the UK’s busiest auction site. More vehicles, from more sources, selling to more buyers, all day, every day. And you’re not just spoilt for choice – low transaction fees mean your budgets work even harder

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Ultimate guide to success in 2022

How do you maximise profit and stay on top of ever evolving and increasingly demanding consumer behaviour? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to success in 2022.

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*5 days from the point when Manheim accept the deal.