Terms and Conditions

Lead Generator

‘Lead Generator’ provides Dealers with the opportunity for vehicle adverts to be displayed in a ‘Featured’ and ‘You May Also Like’ position on Auto Trader search results pages on a pay per click basis.

This product is provided subject to the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions which are incorporated into the Rules by reference.

Terms defined in the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions shall have the same meaning in these Rules provided that, should a term be defined in both the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions and these Rules, the meaning of the term defined in these Rules shall have precedence in relation to the Rules.

  1. Definitions
    1. ‘Continuous campaign’ means where a Retailer is continually using Lead Generator each week with no gap in advertising
    2. ‘Contracted budget’ is the weekly budget limit defined by the Advertiser.
    3. ‘Default campaign’ refers to the default settings for Lead Generator when none of the settings have been changed.
    4. ‘Even pace’ means a budget will be allocated evenly over the duration of the weekly campaign cycle
    5. ‘Fast burn’ means a budget will be utilised as quickly as possible from the point a campaign goes live.
    6. ‘Featured’ refers to the position that a vehicle advert will appear in. On desktop, this is displayed in the top position of each search page and on mobile platforms this appears in top position followed by every 11th or 12th position.
    7. ‘Live Stock’ means stock which is currently live and being advertised on autotrader.co.uk.
    8. ‘Weekly campaign cycle’ refers to the 7-day campaign cycle in which lead generator operates.
    9. ‘You May Also Like’ refers to the position that a vehicle advert will appear in. This position only appears on desktop at the bottom of each search results page.
  2. Business Rules
    1. Lead Generator is only available to retailers who have a contracted selling package with Auto Trader.
    2. Lead Generator is a standalone product available to any selling package customer (excluding pay as you go customers).
    3. Auto Trader cannot guarantee that an advertisement will appear in a specific number of searches or generate a specific number of ad views across each platform or position.
    4. Auto Trader reserves the right to remove an Advertiser from the programme if they fail to adhere to standard advertising protocols; namely relating to our Main Advertising Terms & Conditions and Advertising Guidelines e.g. incorrect mileage and fraudulent adverts can lead to your lead generator product being suspended or removed in addition to your stock contract.
    5. ‘Weekly campaign cycle’ starts at 12am on Friday and runs till 23:59pm the following Thursday.
  3. Click delivery
    1. Auto Trader will stop delivering clicks when the ‘contracted budget’ has been attained. However, on occasion over-delivery can occur but these additional clicks will not be chargeable.
    2. Auto Trader shall be entitled to remove an advertisement as a ‘Featured’ or ‘You May Also Like’ listing as soon as the maximum number of clicks as contracted has been attained.
    3. Delivery of clicks is not guaranteed. The ‘contracted budget’ is a guide to the number of clicks the advertiser wishes to purchase. Several factors can lead to the under-delivery of clicks which may be outside of Auto Trader’s control. These include site traffic, technical issues, reductions in dealer stock, low image penetration and competition from other dealers using the product.
    4. Lead Generator can be added at any point during the ‘weekly campaign cycle’ and Auto Trader endeavours to deliver the required clicks as part of the ‘contracted budget’ in-line with the ‘weekly campaign cycle’ however this is not guaranteed.
    5. Default campaigns for new Advertisers will be set to a ‘fast burn’ rate but Advertisers have the option to change this once a campaign goes live to ‘even pace’. Advertisers are responsible for making this change via Portal and any change will be carried over to the next ‘weekly campaign cycle’ where a ‘Continuous campaign’ is in place.
    6. Adverts without a primary image will not qualify to be displayed via our lead generator product.
  4. Stock
    1. Only stock which is advertised on Auto Trader will automatically qualify to appear in positions served by Lead Generator unless otherwise de-selected by the Advertiser through Auto Trader’s Portal Application.
    2. Any stock which the advertiser has de-selected will be carried over across to the next ‘weekly campaign cycle’ where a continuous campaign is in place.
  5. Charges & Payments
    1. Advertisers shall be charged for the number of clicks which have been delivered. This will never exceed the maximum ‘contracted budget’.
  6. Upgrades, Cancellations and downgrades
    1. Reductions in ‘contracted budgets’ are prohibited during the ‘weekly campaign cycle’, and a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice is required for reductions thereafter.
    2. Increases in ‘contracted budgets’ are allowed during the ‘weekly campaign cycle’ and thereafter. Additional clicks are chargeable immediately on processing; however, we require up to 7 days to process the order.
    3. The Retailer may cancel Lead Generator from their contracted stock subject to providing 30 days’ written notice to the Retailer’s Account Manager at any time.