Terms and Conditions

Franchise Stock Offer

  1. The Franchise Stock Offer will comprise of two stages:

    Stage 1 - Enables qualifying customers to advertise double their contracted stock amount between 1st September 2018 and 18th October 2018. For group customers, the double stock amount is based on your contracted stock at site level.

    Stage 2 – Allows any customer that is part of Stage 1 to purchase stock at a 50% discount of their contracted stock rate from 19th October 2018 to the 15th November 2018.

  2. The stock offer is available to any Franchise Car and Van dealers (including NI) who currently have no other offer or discount.
  3. Double is applicable to contracted stock only. Bonus adverts remain the same.
  4. To take advantage of Stage 2, existing dealers must opt in before 26th October 2018.
  5. Dealers who opt in to Stage 2 can change their 50% discounted stock amount at any point during Stage 2 of the offer, via conversation with an Account Manager.
  6. Dealers who opt in to Stage 2 can cancel their 50% discounted stock, however will be unable to opt back in to the offer.
  7. Dealers will be responsible for adding any additional vehicles as part of the both stages of the offer either through Dealer Portal or via a stock feed.
  8. Dealer cannot advertise stock on behalf of a third party or another dealer.
  9. Dealers who downgrade below their group contracted stock level as of 1st August 2018 will no longer qualify for the offer and will have any additional stock removed.
    1. Any dealer with a scheduled contracted stock downgrade which takes effect during the offer period will no longer qualify for the stock offer.
  10. Dealers who have downgraded and no longer qualify for their bonus will be excluded from the offer.
  11. If dealers submit a full cancellation during the offer period, the offer will no longer be available and cannot be entered again.
  12. Following the offer period, dealers stock will revert to the original contracted stock volume unless an order is submitted for a new increased stock volume.
  13. Communication regarding the initiative will be via email, dealer portal and SMS.
  14. Any associated costs will be detailed via order confirmation and invoice.
  15. Auto Trader Limited reserves the right to amend, modify and refuse or remove this stock offer to any Dealer at any point with immediate effect.