Terms and Conditions

100 Advert Images

Advert Images allows dealers (the “Advertiser”) to display images of the vehicle advertised on the full page advert. Advert Images is provided subject to the Main Advertising Terms and Conditions which are incorporated into the Rules by reference.

Terms defined in the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions shall have the same meaning in these Rules provided that, should a term be defined in both the Main Advertising Terms & Conditions and these Rules, the meaning of the term defined in these Rules shall have precedence in relation to the Rules.

  1. Definitions

    1. “Materials” refers to any copy, artwork, data, photographs, slides, video clips and/or other material provided by the Advertiser for inclusion in an Advertisement or otherwise;
    2. “Stock Information” means the Data received by Auto Trader which may be processed by us for the purpose of providing services to you including but not limited to verification, enhancement or amendment;
  2. Obligations regarding Copy, Artwork and Photographs

    1. Advert Images is free of charge and available to Dealers as part of the Advertising Services.
    2. You are solely responsible for uploading images using Portal and data feeds.
    3. You are permitted to upload a maximum of 100 images.
    4. Auto Trader shall not be liable if the quality of any photograph published in an Advertisement is not acceptable to the Advertiser.
    5. Auto Trader shall not be liable or responsible for non-receipt or corruption of any text, font, image or material sent by the Advertiser as a result of any errors.
    6. Where material is sent by means other than Dealer Edit and/or Trader Connect, Auto Trader shall not be liable for:
      1. the compatibility of third party systems with those of Auto Trader; and/or
      2. Auto Trader’s failure to upload material to the Websites at the same frequency as would occur if the material was supplied by the Advertiser via Dealer Edit and/or Trader Connect.
    7. The Advertiser is solely responsible for completing all mandatory data fields for each Advertisement and for submitting material to Auto Trader or the upload provider (as appropriate) in the correct format as specified and by any deadlines specified.
    8. Auto Trader shall have no liability in respect of any Advertisement not appearing on the Websites where the Advertiser has failed to submit material in accordance with clause 2.2.
    9. The Advertiser is prohibited from displaying any text on images, including but not limited to, contact details including telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, details of third party affiliates or finance offers. Failure to comply with this rule may, at Auto Trader’s sole discretion, result in the removal of all of the Advertisers Advertisements on the Websites.
    10. You agree to use Portal and Websites in accordance with these Conditions and shall only supply Materials which comply in all respects with these Conditions;
      1. all copy and any other information and materials provided by the Advertiser is complete, accurate, legal, non-defamatory, decent, honest and truthful and complies with the British Code of Advertising Practice, all other relevant codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority and all current relevant legislation;
      2. in respect of any Advertisement submitted for publication which contains any copy and/or photographs by which any living person is or can be identified, the Advertiser has obtained the necessary authority of such living person for the Publisher to make use of such copy under this Advertising Agreement and has complied in all respects with the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended from time to time);
    11. Auto Trader reserve the right to refuse, edit and/or require amendments to any Advertisement. This includes any copy, artwork, photographs and/or other materials set out in any Advertisement.
    12. The Dealer shall be solely responsible for checking the accuracy of any Advertisement for errors and for amending material when requested to do so by Auto Trader.
    13. Auto Trader reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any Advertisement from the Website at any time, which do not advertise particular vehicles for sale.