With more ways to buy, you can turn more clicks into customers

Consumer behaviour has evolved when it comes to buying a car. Dealership browsers have become online researchers, who in turn are becoming online buyers; or at least browsers willing to commit to a purchase online. Of course, you’ll have early adopters and laggards at either end of the scale, but the surest way to have the best coverage of all buyers in the market, is to create great online and offline experiences. That starts by giving consumers choice. Choice of how they sell their old car and buy their next one. We’re helping you do that, with our latest tools which enable retailers to guarantee part exchange prices and offer both click & collect and delivery services on their Auto Trader adverts.

Convert Checklist

  • Reduce lost sales by guaranteeing prices for part-exchanges
  • Activate Click & Collect for buyers looking to commit to a purchase online
  • Appeal to a wider audience by offering a home delivery service

Put an end to lost sales over part-exchange disagreements

With 1 in 3 sales lost over part-ex disagreements, isn’t it time there was a way for the customer and the retailer to be on the same page? Introducing, Guaranteed Part-Exchange (GPX).

It’s a brand-new tool we’re developing that you’ll be able to use whenever a deal involves a part-exchange, wherever a buyer chooses to interact with you. It enables you to offer guaranteed prices for part-exchanges, which are underwritten by Manheim (part of the Cox Automotive Group). Buyers simply answer a few questions about their car's condition and get a haggle-free guaranteed price for it. When the deal is done, you choose what to do with the part-ex. Keep it and retail it on, or if it doesn’t fit your stock profile, or presents a risk you’re not willing to take, simply use the underwrite. You’ll be paid and have the part-ex collected within 5 days of the deal being accepted by Manheim. We’re currently fine tuning the product, but you can request to join the waiting list now and we’ll give you access as soon as its ready. Currently available for car retailers only.

Join the waiting list

When your customers’ expectations are aligned with yours over the value of their part-ex, you get hassle and haggle free buyers who are ready to purchase. If 3 out of 4 buyers are more likely to visit retailers who offer guaranteed prices for part-exchanges, as one retailer we spoke with put it “that’s as good as another deal done”.

When deals are lost due to part-ex disagreements, that’s not just a lost sale, it’s a loss of new stock as well. Stock that you could have acquired without paying expensive fees or any hassle. With GPX you get a guaranteed flow of part-ex’s, so you can spend less time haggling and more time making money.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently complete a sale, even if you didn’t want the part-ex or if it seemed too risky? Well now you can, confidently. With Guaranteed Part-Exchange, any deals you do are underwritten. So if you don’t want the part-ex, you just complete the deal and then dispose of it through the underwrite service. You’ll be paid and have the vehicle collected within 5 days of Manheim accepting the disposal. Deal done.

Activate Click & Collect to convert customers quickly and easily

Offering Click & Collect on your Auto Trader adverts appeals to consumers looking to complete more of their journey online, plus those unable to browse a dealership forecourt in the midst of a pandemic. It provides more choice in the process of completing the purchase, in many cases without making a payment in full before viewing the vehicle upon collection.

It’s important to consider what your Click & Collect offering looks like and the implications on consumer contracts. If you take full or part payment and the customer signs a contract of sale online, this will constitute a distance sale, meaning their rights change, especially surrounding cancellation. If distance selling doesn’t suit your business you can also choose to take a refundable holding deposit or reservation fee until a time when a customer can complete a contract of sale on premises. This can save a considerable amount of time by helping you identify serious buyers.

To enable Click & Collect on your adverts if you haven’t already, just head to the “Home Services” section in the “Business account” drop down of your account area in Portal.

Enable Click & Collect

Appeal to a wider audience with home delivery

Home delivery is a sure way to appeal to a bigger audience. In the current climate there will be buyers who live nearby who would still rather have the vehicle delivered to them, but you can also open up new markets further afield. You do need to be aware of the guidance surrounding distance selling and be confident in the quality of your product to ensure you can deliver great customer experiences remotely.

To enable home delivery on your adverts if you haven’t already, just head to the “Home Services” section in the “Business account” drop down of your account area in Portal.

Enable Home Delivery

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