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Review your positioning

The market changes daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter the circumstance. Which means it’s vital your stock is priced to market from day 1. But that doesn’t mean slashing prices. It simply means adjusting your prices to reflect the current retail landscape. You may need to reduce, hold or even increase your prices depending on buyer demand, vehicle supply and other marketplace trends. Fortunately, we’ve made the data and tools available to make that easy for you.

Review checklist

  • Use Market Insight to check market trends

  • Use Retail Check to help inform your pricing decisions

  • Discover Retail Accelerator for next level forecourt reporting

  • Use Van Valuations to price your vans to market and sell faster

Get a broad view of market trends

Our new Market Insight tool, available to all customers in Portal offers up to date market trends on buyer demand, vehicle supply, pricing and speed of sale. You can run queries to see these trends by make, model, body type, fuel type or vehicle age.

Review the live market with AT Market Insight

Make vehicle level decisions easily and efficiently

Increase forecourt profits by spending less time researching and pricing your cars. Powered by our award-winning valuations, Retail Check combines vast amounts of marketplace data to instantly calculate the right price to advertise the vehicle at, to secure a swift and profitable sale.

Find out more about how Retail Check can help you

For retailers out there looking to take their pricing and forecourt decisions to the next level, Retail Accelerator tracks changing market conditions 24/7 and delivers proactive alerts and dynamic performance reporting to help you improve your position in the market.

Discover our next level forecourt reporting tool

Use Van Valuations to price vans for the real-time market

Make more informed pricing decisions quickly and effectively for your vans with Van Valuations. Using live retail pricing along with insights from thousands of data points, you can correctly position your van prices to reflect the current market to maximise your profit and sell faster.

Get a free forecourt analysis

Do you want to:

  • Know which of your vehicles has the highest purchase intent?

  • Know which vehicles are in the most demand for your local market?

  • Have access to vehicles you can buy that are wanted in your local market?

Our expert team is equipped with unrivalled insight to help you retail more profitably. For a free forecourt analysis, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to help you reset your goals, provide you with these three essential insights and make sure Auto Trader delivers the returns you need.

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