I need to find stock to replenish my forecourt


Restock your forecourt

Getting hold of good quality, profitable stock will be vital to your ability to make a swift recovery. Your automotive expertise and experience will be essential to that. But when used in tandem with our data and insight; it’s a powerful combination that puts you firmly in the driving seat. Don’t forget, you can currently advertise double your contracted stock at no extra cost. To help you make the most of that opportunity, we’re bringing you more support and solutions.

Restock checklist

  • Utilise the extra spaces available through your double contracted stock offer*

  • Source and trade stock through Dealer Auction

  • See which vehicles are trending using Market Insight

  • Identify the best vehicles for your forecourt with Retail Check or Retail Accelerator

Source and trade stock through Dealer Auction

Source and trade stock through Dealer Auction, the UK’s largest automotive digital wholesale marketplace. Combined with Auto Trader Retail Rating, Dealer Auction provides valuable data driven insight giving you the confidence and ability to buy and sell the most profitable and faster selling vehicles. Any new customers can now access Dealer Auction for free for a 3-month trial.

Discover Dealer Auction

See which vehicles are trending

Your Market Insight tool, now available in Portal shows you trends on buyer demand, vehicle supply, pricing and speed of sale. And you can filter these by make, model, body type, fuel type or vehicle age to get a birds-eye view of what’s trending in the market.

Review the live market with AT Market Insight

Identify the best vehicles for your forecourt

Retail Check enables you to instantly appraise how well a vehicle will sell on your forecourt and the recommended retail price to secure a swift and profitable sale, based on our award-winning valuations. Use it to help price ‘retail-back’ when sourcing stock by having insight into the likely selling price.

Understand which vehicles to source using Retail Check

Get a free forecourt analysis

Do you want to:

  • Know which of your vehicles has the highest purchase intent?

  • Know which vehicles are in the most demand for your local market?

  • Have access to vehicles you can buy that are wanted in your local market?

Our expert team is equipped with unrivalled insight to help you retail more profitably. For a free forecourt analysis, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to help you reset your goals, provide you with these three essential insights and make sure Auto Trader delivers the returns you need.

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