The market has changed, how should I adapt my business and goals?


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The market has evolved and as a retailer you will no doubt be trying to keep up and understand how your business might be affected. Consumer behaviour and needs have changed significantly, and as a result, using data in combination with your experience will become even more essential in understanding how to adapt and focus your efforts on your online forecourt.

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  • Ensure all your stock is advertised online

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Do you know what’s happening in the market? What are the latest trends in buyer demand and where is there an over or undersupply of stock? How has the market reacted when it comes to pricing? You should adapt your goals and outlook using up to the minute data and insight to understand the new normal.

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If it’s not online, it’s not for sale

Consumers want a minimal contact transaction, which means your online showroom is going to be vital. Walk-ins are unlikely right now, and instead buyers will engage with you online. Make sure you’re set up to nurture and convert those buyers into a sale, with as much done online as possible. Sales staff may need to be redeployed to respond to online enquiries, live chats and live video viewing requests. Don’t forget, you can currently advertise double your contracted stock on Auto Trader* at no extra cost.

Learn more about changing consumer needs If it's not online, it's not for sale

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Reset your goals with a free forecourt analysis with one of our experts. They’ll work with you to understand your current business challenges and help you with creative solutions powered by data and insight to get you back on track.

Get your free forecourt analysis

Get a free forecourt analysis

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