I need to re-advertise my stock and promote safe business practices


Readvertise your product

Forecourts have been closed for weeks, the seasons have changed and the mindset of buyers certainly has. Update your adverts to appeal to the buyers of today, showcasing any new services or safe business practices you now provide. Update images, descriptions, add videos if needed and make sure you’re offering all contact methods. And most importantly, make sure your stock is visible to buyers online.

Readvertise checklist

  • Advertise all of your vehicles online

  • Enable all digital contact methods including live chat and text messaging

  • Update your adverts to gain buyer trust

  • If you’re a franchise retailer, take your brand-new unregistered stock out of hiding

Take your forecourt online

Buyers are likely to remain cautious long after we’re back to business. As forecourt visits remain minimal, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re advertising as much new & used stock as you possibly can and merchandising it as well as you can. Our team is on hand to offer a free forecourt analysis should you need it.

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Enable all contact methods

It’s something we’d always recommend. By enabling live chat and text messaging, you’ll make it easier to capture leads from buyers. In the current climate, many retailers are also offering video consultations giving buyers a walkaround of vehicles they’re interested in. You’ll be able to indicate whether you offer this service on your adverts in Portal.

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Update your adverts

As well as making sure your stock is advertised, it’s also crucial that your adverts reassure buyers. On your adverts, be sure to highlight any safety measures you have in place and any remote selling services you offer. We’re bringing in new advert features to help with this, you can find out more here.

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It’s also worth reviewing your adverts and updating images, attention grabbers and descriptions where necessary to ensure buyers can see the hard work you’re putting into keeping them safe. As always, one of the best ways to build buyer trust is to work on your reviews and showcase your reputation.

Read our advert best practice guide here

Take your brand new stock out of hiding

To help you get your brand new unregistered vehicles in front of buyers, we’re offering a two-month free trial. Over 45,000 brand new vehicles are advertised with us and over 150 retailers have signed up during lockdown.

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Our expert team is equipped with unrivalled insight to help you retail more profitably. For a free forecourt analysis, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to help you reset your goals, provide you with these three essential insights and make sure Auto Trader delivers the returns you need.

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