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Connect & communicate anywhere, anytime with Auto Trader Text

Connect & communicate anywhere, anytime with Auto Trader Text

Auto Trader text is a mobile messaging service available as an additional contact option on a dealer's full page advert.

Mobile messaging is playing an even bigger role in how consumers search, view and buy and with 60% of advert views occurring outside of dealership working hours1 enabling customers to message dealers when they want, however they want, is key to driving new lead opportunities.

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Features and benefits

Auto Trader Text gives buyers the ability to text retailers directly from adverts, connecting retailers with buyers anytime, anywhere.

  1. Available 24/7

    Text will be always-on allowing for out-of-hours lead generation, dealers can then choose to answer these at a time convenient to them
  2. Answer from any device

    Dealers can respond to texts via any device with the option to move between devices mid-conversation, so they can manage these on the move
  3. Instant alerts

    Once logged into the messaging platform, they’ll get instant alerts of any new incoming texts with the ability to instantly respond or direct to another team member
  4. Cross-platform lead generation

    Text will be available across all Auto Trader platforms, enabling conversations to happen at all touch points in consumers journeys
  5. Seamless chat integration

    Chats and texts can all be managed in one place. Consumers have the ability to switch a chat conversation into a text

How it works

Frequently asked questions

On desktop, text appears as a contact option within the overlay card which appears when a user first arrives on your advert. On mobile, text appears within the sticky contact bar next to ‘call’.

Texts can be answered through the Contact at Once messaging app (desktop and mobile app versions available) or by accessing the Contact at Once admin console through portal.

If you’re not already live with text, you can easily switch yourself on by visiting the ‘chat and text sign-up’ page from the ‘my account’ area of portal. Simply select your preference or either ‘chat and text’ or ‘text only’ and hit submit. If you already live with chat, text will get added straight away. If you’re not already set-up with chat, you’ll need to look-up for an activation email from Contact at Once to complete the set-up.

As soon as text is enabled, this will show on your adverts 24/7 as a new contact option for consumers to get in touch.

If you are using the Contact at Once messaging interface (desktop or mobile app) then you will automatically receive incoming notifications when a new text arrives.


1 Auto Trader data, July 2018 between 5pm and 9am.

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