Price and manage your stock

AT Retail Check

Increase forecourt profits by spending less time researching and pricing your cars

AT Retail Check uses Auto Trader’s unrivalled used car expertise to instantly appraise how well a car will sell on your forecourt and reveals the right pricing to secure a swift and profitable sale.

Features and benefits

  1. New AT Retail Rating

    Identify the best stock to buy for your forecourt using Auto Trader’s unique market data, consumer demand, and historical sales data.
  2. Price valuations

    Quickly access Auto Trader’s extensive data and insight to value (or revalue) new and existing stock.
  3. Price calculator

    Instantly see the impact of buy and sell prices on the profit margin, and how price changes impact the car’s competitive position.
  4. Review the market

    See an immediate visual representation of your price position with our comprehensive review of competitor cars in the market.
  5. Easily save checks

    Capture pricing and competitor filters used, so that it is easy to review an existing car at a later date.
  6. Use everywhere, 24/7

    Review stock on a desktop in your office, and then save the stock to review on a mobile device when at an auction.
  7. Customer view

    Build trust with your customers by sharing Auto Trader’s part-exchange valuations, helping you secure a sale.
  8. New improved filters

    See a plate either side of your car, plus the advanced filters allow you to include/exclude keywords and the ability to search by competitor type.

Why it works

  • 87%
    of dealers have overage stock
  • 49%
    of cars are not correctly priced for the market
  • 35%
    of dealer stock is likely to take longer than 60 days to sell
Auto Trader data warehouse, 2018 – based on circa 500k vehicles (advertised and not)

Frequently asked questions

If you are already advertising on Auto Trader, then you will want to take advantage of Auto Trader’s unique insight on which vehicles will sell quickly, and what the right buy and sell prices are on the Auto Trader site.

Retail Check is a powerful tool for checking individual vehicles. AT Retail Accelerator uses many of the same tools for appraising vehicles and setting the right buy and sell prices. It becomes more valuable for retailers with larger forecourts, who want to set up their sales and profit goals, and then have a management tool that will help you reach those forecourt goals through pro-active alerts and reporting tools.