Get more opportunities to sell your finance

Promote your own finance offers to the UK's largest automotive marketplace, making it easy for buyers to discover your deals before they look for a loan anywhere else. 


How it works

+ You specify your own lender(s) and interest rates to power the monthly payments shown to potential buyers.


+ Buyers will see a monthly price alongside the full price in your adverts in search results and in your full page ad.


+ An advanced and flexible finance calculator powered by Codeweavers allows buyers to personalise the deal by entering their ideal deposit, term and mileage.


+ Interested buyers can send a dedicated finance enquiry to you, complete with all of their details,  so you can continue the conversation offline. 

“Within a few days of publishing our finance figures on Auto Trader, we sold both of our most expensive cars (circa £30,000 each). Both sales were similar – a phone call from the customers saying that if they could get the monthly repayments shown on Auto Trader, then they would buy the car. Both passed their finance checks no problem. Nice!”

MJA Car Sales, August 2017

Help your customers understand finance

8 top tips to convert more leads into sales

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Backed by a TV, cinema and radio campaign that reached over 40 million people

It’s a celebration of the life events that trigger a next car purchase, to bring more buyers to your ads with a monthly budget in mind. 

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