Auto Trader Valuations

Auto Trader Valuations

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Auto Trader guide prices provide a clear view of the market and what a car, compared to similar vehicles, could be worth.

Here’s how it works

Auto Trader observes over 32,000 price movements every single day. And it’s this, along with multiple other data points which powers the valuations we offer to the market.

Auto Trader Price Indicators

Price checked against Auto Trader market guide prices for similar cars, Auto Trader compares the advertised price of the car to similar cars in the market - considering the

  • mileage
  • optional extras
  • assuming good condition

Auto Trader GOOD PRICE A car is priced around the market average guide price

Auto trader GREAT PRICE A car is priced below the market average guide price

Auto trader PRICED LOW A car is priced significantly below the market average guide price

Frequently asked questions

This is based on cars of the same make and model, including things like engine size, body style, standard specification and age. We then adjust it to factor in mileage and optional extras.

Our analysis assumes the car is retail-ready, meaning it's in good condition and is mechanically sound.

Our guide prices are based purely on advertised prices.

We do not take into account any additional fees, including admin fees and finance deals.

This does not necessarily mean the dealer is not offering a good deal. It could be that some cars analysed by Auto Trader are considered to be priced above market, or we simply cannot generate a guide price for certain vehicles.

We exclude certain cars from our price analysis, including cars: listed by private sellers; priced below £1,500 and over £50,000; over 15 years old; imports; new and nearly new cars; written-off cars (category C, D, S or N vehicle); non-cars.