Dealer Reviews

Dealer Reviews

Reviews posted from other car buyers gives consumers the re-assurance they need when deciding who to buy from.

Here’s how it works

Our reviews are free and give you the opportunity to build your reputation regardless of budget.

Once you have a review, it’ll display your rating and reviews across your Auto Trader advertising, helping you establish and grow your reputation on the biggest online marketplace. Make sure you respond to all reviews, both good and bad.

How to generate reviews

  1. Invite your customers to leave a verified review via Dealer Portal.
  2. Customers may leave a review without invitation on Auto Trader.
  3. Integrate your reviews from other providers such as Reevoo, Judge Service, Feefo,, Marketing Delivery and Car Dealer Reviews**

*Excludes PAYGO and PAYGO Club customers

**Please note that not all review providers have agreed to share reviews with Auto Trader, please contact your account manager for more details. Click here to find out how to add your reviews from one of our chosen partners.

Frequently asked questions

We know how busy it can get, but, the reality is, this is the way the world is changing and it’s so important to reply to your reviews – especially the negative ones. Today, consumers rely heavily on reviews to make a purchase decision. You don’t have to reply to them all immediately. Maybe set yourself 30 minutes each day to reply. Once you’ve replied to a few, you can store some as templates and then all you’ll need to do is tailor them to the nature of the review – that’s what we do here at Auto Trader. It’s about deciding what’s important for your business. If you’re not replying to them but your competition down the road is, who is the consumer likely to go to? 

We won’t remove a review if it is negative or may not be factually correct. That’s not because we don’t believe you – it’s because we will not directly get involved and cannot prove the facts. This is where your reply plays a huge part. Our best practice tips can help you to reply in this situation. If the review breaks our moderation rules, we will of course remove the review. 

You can invite your customers to leave a review in Portal. Once you click into a vehicle, you’ll see a ‘Request review’ button within each tab, at the bottom of the page – just enter your customers contact details and they’ll receive an invite in their mailbox. These reviews will show as ‘verified’ reviews which highlights that they purchased a vehicle from you.