Auto Trader Text

Auto Trader Text

Answer queries on the go

Beat your competition and keep in touch with car buyers when you’re at the auction, on your forecourt or just away from your dealership.

Features & Benefits

  1. Answer from any device

    Respond from mobile devices or desktop, 24/7.
  2. Get instant alerts

    Once logged in, you’ll get instant updates when you receive a text
  3. Conversations on the go

    Car buyers can switch between chat and text mid-conversation at the touch of a key, and you can revisit the conversation any time.

Messaging made easy

Handling text conversations can be done from the Contact at Once web-based Connect platform or mobile app, allowing you to easily manage text conversations from any device at any time.

The connect platform

Web-based messaging interface accessed from any device via an internet browser. No download or installation is required.

The mobile app

Free to use mobile app to manage conversations on the go. Available via the app store or Google play store.

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