Updates to Dealer Portal

We’re making some exciting changes to Portal to make it
easier to use, quicker to load and more mobile friendly.

New stocklist

Personalise your view

The new stocklist will be much simpler to use, with the previous four tabs now available in one full-screen view, so no more switching between tabs. You can customise the columns to make your own personalised view so you have everything you need in one place. It’s also fully mobile friendly so you can work on the move.

New vehicle edit

Quick edits, made easy

The new vehicle edit process means you can now drag and drop to add images from your computer and rotate images in Portal after upload. Image upload will be quicker and the whole process is mobile friendly. We’re also making it easier to add and reorder spec when creating or editing adverts.

New advertising Journey

Create an ad in 60 seconds

The new advertising journey, which many of our retailers are already using, will become the default so all retailers will be able to find, add or advertise a vehicle by clicking the yellow VRM button anywhere in Portal. Create adverts in 60 seconds across desktop, mobile and tablet. Following customer feedback, you will now be able to skip the wizard and move straight to edit the vehicle as a stock item.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve combined all tabs into one stocklist which now expands to fit your screen. You can also customise the columns in the stock list to suit your needs. To customise, simply drag and drop the columns into the order you prefer. This will be saved in your browser, so if you use a different computer or reset your cookies, the changes will revert to standard.

This functionality is coming soon, for now you can just reorder to suit your needs.

Historic stock is now referred to as “sold vehicles” and can be found within the main Portal navigation, under the “Stock” heading.

Sold vehicles (previously known as historic stock) now includes all vehicles you have marked as sold. You no longer have to decide whether to add to sold vehicles when you mark as sold.

To remove a vehicle, simply click on the vehicle you wish to remove, whilst in sold vehicles and select delete from the drop down menu.

The RA stock list has been combined with your normal stock list, so you can see everything in one view.

This functionality isn’t available, yet, but is coming soon.

This functionality isn’t available, yet, but is coming soon. You can export your stock list to Excel.

Any optional spec items are ordered before standard spec on the new advertising journey. This is due to optional spec being seen as more valuable/unique to a vehicle than standard spec. In addition to this, standard spec is ordered alphabetically to make it easier for consumers to review a vehicle. You can reorder spec manually via "confirm spec" when editing a vehicle.

Previously, where you saw “Advert price” or “web advert price”, this has now been relabelled as “Retail price”.

This used to be done by expanding a single row in the stocklist, there is now a dedicated quick edit view that allows you to quickly edit all stock items from one list. You can find the quick edit as a tab at the top of the stock list, above the filters.

You don’t need to save. Changes are automatically saved as you work, which you can see at the bottom of the stock item.

To edit the forecourt price, you must go to the vehicle details tab in edit.

This previously used to happen when you saved the vehicle, but will now happen in real time, so it’s easier to manage your vehicles.

Spec is connected to the derivative, so updating the derivate has to update the spec to match.

This field is supplied via your stock feed and cannot be edited in Portal. To edit, you must edit your stock feed.

This isn’t possible, today, but is coming soon. In the meantime, you can do this from vehicle edit, once you have created a stock item with a similar derivative.

The live chat admin portal can now be found in the “Chat and text preferences” area within “Account” to the top right of Portal.

The default view of 7 days will be the same in new forecourt, vehicle-level response data now shows your daily ad views, competitor daily ad views, and the comparison % *both* for the last 7 days and for yesterday specifically. It is much easier to drill through from the home page and see the relevant & matching response data on the vehicle.

Within Edit, every vehicle now has the % ad view comparison and yesterday's data displayed, which was not previously available.

When changing a plate or derivative the spec associated with the original entry is removed (including any additional spec added) and the spec is reset to match the new derivative/plate. This is so that the spec matches the vehicle info and your adverts are accurate. This will result in you having to add any optional spec again as it will have been cleared when the derivative of plate was changed.