Managing your Auto Trader leads

There are several ways in which you can receive and manage leads from Auto Trader. Unless you have complex needs, we recommend you manage your leads in the leads area of Dealer Portal. From here you can view, reply to customers and manage your leads all in one place. Customers with more complex needs can integrate with our API directly or use a third party solution which has already integrated with us. You can also setup lead emails, but only if you have a secure mailbox.

How do I manage leads in Dealer Portal?

We want to make your lives easier and help you respond to customer leads quickly, easily and in a professional manner, whilst ensuring we protect consumers data.

Our lead management solution helps you deal with all your Auto Trader leads in once place and respond directly to customers in a secure and professional environment.

In-app messaging

Talk to your customers about their enquiry, from within Dealer Portal

All leads in one place

View and respond to all Part-Ex, Finance, Emails & Calls in one place

Mobile optimised

View and respond to customer leads directly from your mobile

What if I don’t use Portal?

If you are a business that doesn’t use portal or have complex requirements, you can integrate with our Leads API.

First question, what’s an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface, this is used to access the databases where we store our leads and make them available to you.

We can integrate directly with your systems, or with a 3rd party leads provider. In order to integrate the API directly, or to ask your 3rd party provider to do so, you must let us know so we can provide you the relevant access and keys to use the Sandbox and later production environments.

Access the API developer documentation

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