Price your cars right

Don’t slash and burn your profit...

Price to the market from day one​

Retailers who price to market, sell more cars and make more profit than those who hold out for a higher margin.

Move with the market?​

Don’t leave your stock at the same price. The market moves every day, so revisit your stock regularly to remain competitive.

Is it in the sweet spot?​

Regular price checking will help you keep in line with the market giving you the best chance of appearing in search and selling the car quickly. 


If your stock has extras – add them. Not only will this ensure you receive the correct price indicator, but it provides all information for the buyer to make their decision.

Build trust

Indicators quickly and transparently display cars which are a Good Price, Great Price or Priced Low, in comparison to similar cars. Use to your advantage to build trust with buyers.

Cater for all buyer’s needs

Give buyers options, by providing different ways to purchase you encourage buyers to stay on your advert.  Find out more