Fill your forecourt

Attracting buyers is key to selling faster but are you stocking the right vehicles?​

Dispose of unwanted stock

Use Autotrade Mail (ATM) to avoid stock getting overage on your forecourt and dispose of unwanted part exes.

Use Advertise to Trade functionality

With the 'Test the Trade' feature you can keep your adverts live on both retail and trade platforms at the same time, maximising your chances to sell.

Reprice frequently

Price little and often approach. Retailers that keep up with market changes using a little and often price change approach generate a far greater response and maximise their return on investment.

Determine your forecourt goals

Ensure that your goals are in line with your business strategy, to get the most relevant results in your searches.

Profile auction lists

Prior to attending an auction, develop a clear plan on what cars you're willing to buy and the maximum you're willing to pay.

Set Smart Alerts

Ensure that you are informed, when cars that meet your forecourt goals appear online.

Think Retail-back

Check any incoming vehicles to know how much you are likely to sell them for in the retail market. In this way you'll buy cars at the right price keeping margins under control.

Source stock in unlikely places

Part-Ex Guide provides a quick, effective, cheap source of stock.