Build brilliant ads

What to work on first...

It's hard to know where to start. To break it down so it's manageable, go to ‘Stock and ads' in your portal, click ‘Response', then ‘You vs similar ads'. Start with those underperforming vehicles in the red. They are the vehicles that aren't getting their share of advert views.​

Stuck with what to write?​

Ask yourself, what makes the vehicle unique? Why should someone buy it? Some of the key considerations are running and ownership costs and specification. Also look at Auto Trader owner reviews for inspiration.​ Use language easy to understand without jargon making it crystal clear why your vehicle is the one for them.​

Show the buyer every inch of the car​

More photos = more advert views. Every consumer is different so plenty of images plus a video will help you appeal and stand out from your competitors.​ The more photos, the more trust. All four wheels might look the same, but this is a huge investment so show them all the wheels!​ For more tips and advice, download our helpful guides​ ​

Download Vehicle photography guide​
Download Vehicle video guide​

Personalise your response

In any email exchanges, always include your dealership name, logo, links to your website, the sales person's name, plus a strong call to action of what to do next. ​

Provide information about payment options

87% of new cars were purchased on finance last year. Make sure you tell them about your monthly payment plans to show them affordable your cars could be.

Don't give up on leads

Many sales reps give up on leads far too soon. Always make at least 6 attempts to get in touch. Just by making a few extra calls you can increase your chances of making contact by up to 70%. ​

Follow up on leads. Build a relationship

Even if the lead doesn't convert, follow it up 3-6 months later. Ask them if they're still in-market and offer professional advice to help build a relationship which could result in a future purchase. ​

Measure your success

Track the number of leads you receive and the responses you send. Measure how many of them book a showroom appointment, book a test drive or request more details. How many of them converted to a sale? ​