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How it works in 6 simple steps

  1. Buyers answer a few simple questions about their cars condition

  2. They get a guaranteed price based on their appraisal, locked in for 7 days

  3. The guaranteed price is underwritten by Manheim

  4. You appraise the car to confirm its been accurately described

  5. Pay the guaranteed price and complete the sale

  6. Choose to keep or dispose of the part-ex

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view this step by step guide on how it works from start to finish.

Manheim is the underwriter and our partner for this proposition. They are part of Cox Automotive; the world’s largest automotive service organisation.

The price is calculated using Auto Trader’s award-winning valuations as the foundation. Manheim then overlay our valuations with their own algorithms to reflect condition and current trade fluctuations. These valuations are applied to the vehicle based on how the potential buyer describes the condition of their car.

The disposal underwrite service is completely optional. It’s up to you which route you use to dispose of vehicles. This service simply gives you a fast way to dispose of vehicles, to help keep your cash flow moving.

You can get your first 90 days free by completing the form below to request access. Alternatively, contact your Account Manager.

Auto Trader’s part-exchange guide prices give consumers exactly what the name suggests; a guide price for their vehicles valuation. The guide price considers the mileage, expected condition based on age and optional features – if these are provided at the point of valuation. It does not account for actual vehicle condition, number of owners, colour, service history or MOT status. In contrast, our guaranteed part-exchange prices are calculated based on actual condition, as well as colour, service history, number of owners and MOT status. Optional features are not factored in. The guaranteed price is underwritten.

Click here to view this step by step guide on how it works from start to finish.

If the customer has started a guaranteed part-ex deal via Auto Trader, retrieve their deal in Portal in either your leads or deals areas. You can search by their name, VRM or reference number. You can manage their deal within Portal by reviewing their appraisal and making any necessary amends based on your physical appraisal. You can use this tool digitally or print off a paper copy. Once you’re happy, progress the sale as you normally would. Once the deal is done, complete the deal in Portal.

We’ve created an appraisal tool in Portal that is consistent with the condition questions asked to the customer when they complete the appraisal online. Retrieve the customer’s deal by entering their unique reference code, VRM or name within the leads or deals areas. Use the appraisal tool in Portal (either digitally or print off a paper copy) to consistently appraise the part-ex. Walk around the vehicle and check each section detailed in the appraisal tool. We’d recommend you do this with the customer for maximum transparency.

As part of the process for handling these buyers, you must verify the appraisal of the car’s condition when the customer visits your forecourt. We’ve created an easy to use appraisal tool that’s consistent with the way the customer appraised their car online. For added transparency, we’d recommend you complete this appraisal with the potential buyer. If during the physical appraisal you identify differences to what the consumer has declared, simply amend it in the system and it will recalculate the guaranteed price (if applicable).

You should appraise the vehicles condition using the appraisal tool in Portal, which is consistent with the way the customer appraised their car online. We’d recommend you do this with the customer for total transparency. If you need to declare any instances where the customer hasn’t accurately appraised any areas of their car, simply enter any damage they’ve missed into the appraisal tool and it will automatically generate a new price based on your appraisal.

Use Retail Check on the part-ex to check the consumer demand and potential profit margin on the vehicle in your local area. You can also check the vehicles history using Vehicle Check in Portal.

Manheim is the underwriter and our partner for this proposition. They are part of Cox Automotive; the world’s largest automotive service organisation.

Once you’ve completed the deal in Portal, click on the ‘dispose to Manheim’ button, which will take you over to Manheim disposal process. They’ll direct you through a step by step process to confirm the vehicles condition. Once completed, Manheim will arrange collection and payment for the vehicle within 5 working days of Manheim accepting the deal.

If you choose to dispose of a part-exchange using the underwrite service, the car will be collected and you’ll be paid for it within 5 days after your submission has been approved by Manheim. This is subject to no changes needing to be made when Manheim do the physical inspection.

To dispose of a vehicle via Manheim, you must be in receipt of the updated V5c document. Therefore, the private plate retention must be completed, and you must have access to the necessary documentation upon submission for disposal.

Any accessories included with the car must be present before you make the disposal submission to Manheim. If anything is missing, please appraise the car within Portal on that basis if you want to submit the disposal immediately. Otherwise, please wait for the accessory to be provided by the customer before submitting it for disposal.

All documented service history must be present before you submit the car for disposal. If you don’t have the service history, either wait for the customer to provide it or make it clear in the Portal appraisal that service history has not been provided.

If it’s not got a full-service history, you’ll need to update that in the Portal appraisal. It’s full service if it’s kept within the schedule. Manheim will allow a small leeway for cars outside of warranty but if it’s missed significantly then it’s not full service.

The vehicle must be road legal and test driven before it is submitted for disposal to Manheim. It is your responsibility as the retailer to ensure any vehicle you take in as a part-ex and handover to Manheim is road legal and test driven.

If you need any support with disposing of vehicles through this process, please contact the Manheim guaranteed part-exchange disposal team via email

Yes, if its visible then please identify it within the Portal appraisal of the vehicle, unless you want to correct it yourself before you submit it for disposal.

The terms and conditions that the vehicle must have been owned by the customer for at least three months before they part-exchange it with you. If you are unsure when appraising the vehicle, please get in contact with Manheim before you agree to take in the part-exchange. As always when taking in a part-ex, you should carry out all the requisite checks and Manheim may ask you to provide them in some instances. This may include a main retailer invoice and supporting evidence of funds. Manheim will work with you in any complicated scenarios such as ex-company cars, bereavements and others to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible for you.

Yes, if you have repaired any defects to a good standard or sourced any missing items then Manheim will be happy to revalue the vehicle to reflect these changes. Please remember that the vehicle will be inspected when it arrives at Manheim, so the repairs must be done properly to ensure you receive the value you are expecting.

Get your first 90 days free*

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*Get your first 90 days free. As part of the introduction of Guaranteed Part-Exchange, new customers can benefit from their first 90 days free, after which point a charge for the product will be automatically applied to your invoice, unless you notify us before your 90-day period ends. In addition, a charge will be also applied by our partner for all disposals through Guaranteed Part-Exchange which take place after your 90-day period. The 90-day period runs from the first day the product is applied to your Auto Trader account. Offer isn’t available to returning Guaranteed Part-Exchange customers. Auto Trader reserves the right to refuse to allow any customers to participate at our sole discretion. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Guaranteed Part Exchange / Disposal Product Business Rules located here which will govern the provision of and your use of this product.