Reduce lost sales over part-exchanges

With 1 in 3 sales lost over part-ex disagreements, isn’t it about time the customer and the retailer were on the same page? Guaranteed Part-Exchange gives you the power to convert simpler and source smarter by securing the customers confidence to purchase.

Simpler conversion

Smarter sourcing

Peace of mind

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Capture customers who are ready to purchase

When your customers’ expectations are aligned with yours over the value of their part-ex, you get hassle and haggle free buyers who are ready to purchase. If 3 out of 4 buyers are more likely to visit retailers who offer guaranteed prices for part-exchanges, as one retailer we spoke with put it “that’s as good as another deal done”.

Source stock more cost-effectively

When deals are lost due to part-ex disagreements, that’s not just a lost sale, it’s a loss of new stock. Stock that you could have acquired without paying expensive fees or any hassle. With Guaranteed Part-Exchange, you get part-exchanges more efficiently, so you can spend less time haggling and more time making money.

Seal the deal, even with unwanted part-ex’s

Wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently complete a sale, even if you didn’t want the part-ex or if it seemed too risky? Well now you can, confidently. With Guaranteed Part-Exchange, any deals you do are underwritten. So if you don’t want the part-ex, you just complete the deal and then dispose of it through the underwrite service. You’ll be paid and have the vehicle collected within 5 days of Manheim accepting the disposal.* Easy.

What car buyers are saying about it…

“A very efficient experience with the dealership”

“A very easy transaction”

“The experience was easy and transparent”

Over 1,000 retailers are already signed up.

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*Get your first 60 days free. As part of the introduction of Guaranteed Part-Exchange, new customers can benefit from their first 60 days free, after which point a charge for the product will be automatically applied to your invoice, unless you notify us before your 60-day period ends. In addition, a charge will be also applied by our partner for all disposals through Guaranteed Part-Exchange which take place after your 60-day period. The 60-day period runs from the first day the product is applied to your Auto Trader account. Offer isn’t available to returning Guaranteed Part-Exchange customers. Auto Trader reserves the right to refuse to allow any customers to participate at our sole discretion. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Guaranteed Part Exchange / Disposal Product Business Rules located here which will govern the provision of and your use of this product.