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half price for 4 months

With the year set to finish strong and competition for the used market increasing, upgrade your package with this great offer to reach your year-end goals.

Now is the time to focus, compete
and finish the year strong

Strong visitor

So far this year visitors to Auto Trader are up 26% vs 2019 and 23% vs 2020. If that trend continues, we’ll see an extra 250,000 visitors a day through December meaning in excess of 1 million visitors a day.

The flight
to used

As new car supply is currently challenging, Franchise dealers are focusing on their used car strategy to maintain overall profitability. This creates more competition in the market & a greater need to maximise reach.

Build your

Buyers tend to research their purchase over 3 months, with over half of all buyers actively researching the month before they buy. Keep building momentum to finish the year strong.

How do I take the offer?

Upgrade your package to the next level up at no extra cost for 2 months, then pay the new price for 2 months giving you a 50% discount over the 4 months.


The offer period starts on 1stSeptember with the upgrade benefit until 31st October, you would then be committed to pay for the new package cost for the next two months, until 31st December.


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