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Drive an immediate uplift in your advert performance to increase or maintain your desired share of sales.

Boost your stocks visibility

In an ever-increasingly competitive market, stock that stands out for the right reasons gets seen, and when it gets seen it gets sold. Your customers continue to complete more of their buying process online than ever before. With 64 million visits monthly1, we help you get seen by as many potential buyers as you need to reach your goals. Our advertising solutions enable you to choose the prominence you get on Auto Trader. Make sure your digital forecourt is always optimised to achieve your goals.

3 ways to increase sales quickly

Review your advertising package

Are you on the right package to achieve your goals? Your package choice determines the level of prominence your adverts get in search results.

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Pay per click advertising

An easy and cost-effective way to drive faster sales, with flexible options to boost specific vehicles or vehicle profiles in search results to get more eyes on them.

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Advertise your stock to a larger audience, available for home delivery or collection from multiple locations across the country.

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Any stock not advertised is invisible 75% of the time

With over 75% of all time spent on UK automotive sites spent on Auto Trader2, any vehicles you stock that aren’t advertised are practically invisible to buyers. If you want to finish 2022 in the strongest possible way, now is the time to make the key decisions and investments to enable that.

What Car?

More audience for us = more buyers for you

Our new partnership with WhatCar? and its sister site, Autocar gives you even more sales opportunities by reaching a further 24.9 million highly engaged buyers earlier in their buying journey.

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15-minute Focus Finder

The competition is fierce out there, and you want to find any edge you can. But in the busy, constantly changing market, it’s hard to find time to step back and look for ways to improve your performance. What if we told you that in as little as fifteen minutes, we can help you decide exactly where to focus your energy to drive real business results?.


11 levers to pull to help your business thrive

How do you maximise profit and stay on top of ever evolving and increasingly demanding consumer behaviour? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to success in 2022.

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Unlock extra profit and sell faster

Retailers who complete our masterclasses sell their vehicles up to 10% faster. Plus, they’re FREE and available anywhere, anytime on demand. So, grab a brew and let’s get started.

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1 Auto Trader internal data, average monthly cross-platform visits in 2022

2 Independent data suggests more than 75% of all minutes spent researching car purchases in the UK are spent on Auto Trader. Share of minutes is a custom metric based on Comscore minutes (MM) Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform, Total Audience, May 2021, UK.