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Getting hold of good quality stock at the right price is pivotal to your success and profitability. Your automotive expertise and experience will be essential to that. But when used in tandem with our data and insight; it’s a powerful combination that puts you firmly in the driving seat. To help you make the big decisions when it comes to sourcing, we’ve created a few tools and metrics to help you buy right and sell quicker.

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Source checklist

  • Use Market Insight to identify what vehicles to stock

  • Retail Check every vehicle before you buy and work retail back (applies to cars only)

  • Use Dealer Auction with AT valuations and Retail Rating built in

Identifying the right stock

Our Market Insight tool, available to all customers in Portal offers up to date market trends on buyer demand, vehicle supply, pricing and speed of sale. You can run queries to see these trends by make, model, body type, fuel type or vehicle age. This will help you identify the best stock for your location to capitalise on consumer demand. If it’s a car you’re buying, use Retail Check to ensure the Retail Rating is positive for individual vehicles. Engine, gearbox and trim can lead to significant variances in desirability.

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Working retail back

Profit is made when you buy the vehicle, not when you sell it. Having this mindset will help you work out the price you should pay for a vehicle when sourcing. Retail back is a simple maths equation that will help you buy right every time:

Auto Trader retail price – (profit margin + preparation costs) = Buy price

We’ve made it even easier with a simple calculator in Retail Check. You can use this on the go at the Auction or to value part exchanges in an instant (For vans, take the Auto Trader Retail Valuation and apply the maths equation above).

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How Dealer Auction gives you more information to buy right

Dealer Auction includes many of these metrics on its listings to ensure you’ve got no surprises when it comes to advertising vehicles you’ve bought. The Auto Trader retail and trade valuations are available for every vehicle allowing you to calculate profit opportunity quickly. It provides the AT Retail Rating, average days to sell and a national market summary of exact match vehicles. You can also see these metrics against private adverts listed on Auto Trader allowing you to identify profit opportunities from local private sellers.

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