Advertise all of your stock and manage your performance rating



Both our consumer research and the uplift in audience and leads on Auto Trader points to more of the decision-making process being completed online by buyers. It suggests your online forecourt has never been more important. That starts with Auto Trader, where an average of 2.12 million in market buyers visited per day. We’ve included some support and guidance on advertising on Auto Trader and how to drive an increase in search appearances, ad views and leads.

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Advertise checklist

  • Advertise all of your vehicles and use best practice

  • Promote your safety measures and enable the necessary FPA features

  • Use Performance Analytics to manage your performance rating

  • Supercharge your performance with prominence products

If it’s not online, it’s not for sale

The retail landscape has changed and less consumers are prepared to visit a forecourt unannounced. Make sure you’re utilising your bargain stock threshold and our additional stock feature to ensure all of your vehicles are listed on Auto Trader. If you’ve consistently got additional stock above your contracted level, think about increasing your stock amount to boost search appearances, ad views and opportunities to sell.

Ensuring you get the necessary attention to finish strong

Photography, branding and advert descriptions are all key to optimising your performance on Auto Trader, ensuring your vehicles get the advert views and attention they deserve. We have a number of best practice tips available to help you improve the quality of your adverts. It doesn’t cost anything but can make a big difference to your return on investment.

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How to use Performance Analytics to manage performance

Whenever something changes, whether it be the market or your advertising on Auto Trader you should review the impact on your performance rating using Performance Analytics. Performance Rating is based on a scale of 1 to 100 and takes into consideration search appearances, advert views and interactions with consumers. It applies at vehicle, forecourt or group level, allowing you to drill down into the detail of what’s performing and what’s not. So, if you’ve been working on improving your advert quality or if you upgraded your package recently, you should see a boost to your performance rating. Performance Analytics helps you track your performance rating over time.

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When your stock stands out, it gets seen. And when it gets seen, it gets sold

Looking to boost your performance? Perhaps you’ve got ambitions for growth or you’re falling short of your goals. We’ve got a range of prominence products to help in each scenario. Prominence offers solutions ranging from shifting problem stock to promoting your business and brand to buyers in your local area. It can be optimised to drive search appearances at a vehicle level for your entire forecourt to help you sell vehicles faster and more profitably.

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