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1.4 million

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Automotive retail is always changing. But for those who embrace it, change brings opportunities. Despite pressures to consumer confidence, we’re still seeing 1.4 million1 unique visits a day.

People will always need vehicles. But what they’re buying and how they’re buying is changing. That’s where our insight, tools and expertise can help you focus on the best strategies for success. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Because together, we do more.

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2021 saw levels of performance unlikely to be experienced again. Speed of sale might have slowed but it's still 11%2 faster than pre-pandemic levels. So, let’s reset expectations of what good looks like and focus on beating the current market. Challenge us to help you optimise your speed of sale vs margin. Get in touch.

37 days

pre-pandemic average days to sell

22 days

peak 2021 average days to sell

33 days

current average days to sell

2 highly effective strategies to improve your performance

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Performance essentials

Discover key improvements you can make to your adverts that help you build trust online and convert more browsers into buyers, without making any extra investment.

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Exceed your goals

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Drive an immediate uplift in performance to increase or protect your desired share of sales by investing in additional tools such as Packages, PPC or Market Extension

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Hidden gems to help you save time, reduce cost and increase margin

Are you extracting every drop of value from Auto Trader? We’re so much more than just an advertising platform. Make the most of what’s included in your Auto Trader package and discover add-ons that can help you achieve even greater efficiencies.

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The competition is fierce out there, and you want to find any edge you can. But in the busy, constantly changing market, it’s hard to find time to step back and look for ways to improve your performance. What if we told you that in as little as fifteen minutes, we can help you decide exactly where to focus your energy to drive real business results?.


11 levers to pull to help your business thrive

How do you maximise profit and stay on top of ever evolving and increasingly demanding consumer behaviour? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to success in 2022.

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Retailers who complete our masterclasses sell their vehicles up to 10% faster. Plus, they’re FREE and available anywhere, anytime on demand. So, grab a brew and let’s get started.

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5 behaviours of top performing retailers

1. Embrace change and adapt

In the face of change, there are just two options; compete or complain. The most successful retailers embrace change and use it to their advantage.

2. Use data to make smarter decisions

In a market so volatile, it’s impossible to rely on instinct or experience alone. The most successful retailers used real-time market data to inform all of their business decisions.

3. Optimise margin vs speed of sale

Different stock profiles mean there’s no one size fits all approach here. But the most successful retailers maximised their profitability by balancing these metrics.

4. Used technology to automate processes

Technology reduces manual work and when used correctly can enhance the customer experience. Retailers using technology get more time back to focus where it matters most

Together, we do more

The automotive world is changing faster than ever before. One thing that will never change is our commitment to empowering our partners.

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1 Auto Trader internal data, 1 May – 31 July 2022 vs the same period in 2019.

2 Auto Trader internal data, average speed of sale in June 2022 vs 2019