Making it easy for you and your customers

Thank you for partnering with us during the beta phase to help develop this essential component of digital retailing. On this page, you’ll find key information, help, news and updates.

We’d recommend bookmarking the page and sharing with anyone in your team who might handle finance deals.

The why, the what and how

We believe that together, we can do more to make financing better for everyone. Removing the constant admin and compliance headaches for you. And making it easier for your customers. That’s why we’re developing a finance solution that’s smarter and faster. A solution that enables seamless customer experiences, with you in control and always powered by your own lenders and rates. Managed through a finance platform that’s as straightforward or as customisable as you need. Giving you a point-of-sale system and an online applications option for your customers. This is more power to you.

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News and updates

LATEST: As of XX November, the online applications service is now available to shoppers in your Auto Trader adverts.

1 October: You now have access to the finance point-of-sale platform.

Leave us feedback

Got some feedback? Click here to tell us what you think at any time during the finance beta. We read every piece of feedback, so it really is valued.

You can find our terms & conditions for this Retailer Finance beta phase here

Frequently Asked Questions

For the duration of the beta, there will be no additional cost to you.

You will have the ability to set up 3 of your lenders.

For the purpose of the beta, we only want you to try our finance platform to manage your walk-in customers.

There are several different phases/features we want to test over several months. There will be no additional charges to you for the duration of this.

Yes. There will be the ability to update the part ex valuation within the finance management platform after an application has been approved.

You will be able to set up a maximum of 3 of your primary lenders. There will be no ability to set a preferred lender. Lenders will appear in order of the total amount payable, based on customer eligibility.

For any support, please reach out to your Account Manager.