Don't hide the cars

Over 100,000 brand new unregistered cars are hidden from buyers, because they’re not advertised online where 94% of buyers research their next car.1

They’re stored in warehouses and showrooms, and 2 out of 3 buyers don’t even know these cars exist.2

Take your brand new stock out of hiding...

With 55 million monthly visits to Auto Trader3 and 3 out of 4 buyers open to buying a brand new car4, Auto Trader enables you to put your brand new stock in front of the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.5

What our customers are saying

When I see a lead come through from Auto Trader, I’m as much expecting it to be for a brand new car as I am a used car Brand Manager, Wrexham Volkswagen, March 2019

9 out of 10 buyers want one website to browse brand new stock2

If I could see everything in one place, on one website then that would be so much easier

Providing a huge opportunity for retailers2

The beauty of advertising new cars on Auto Trader is that its giving visibility

Millions of buyers are already finding brand new cars on Auto Trader.

Put yours in front of them today.


1: Auto Trader research, 2018. 2: Auto Trader market research, January 2019. 3: ComScore MMX® Multi-Platform, UK, Total Audience visits, January to December 2018.
4: Auto Trader Car Buyers Report. 5: Hitwise, September 2018’.