Auto Trader Insight

The need to be transparent...

Chris Penny and Marc Thornborough explore the change in consumer buying behaviour and how the internet is playing a large part in this change, allowing buyers more opportunity to shop around before purchasing. Adapting to this change can mean the difference between selling cars quickly or just selling cars… Find out more about the ‘simple fix’ you can make to continue to win in this market. 

Safety and Security

We invest over £1m a year to help you stay safe online. Watch the video to find out why it’s so important to your business. 

Retailer Insight

Learn the way you want to – watch videos and webinars, attend a masterclass visit our office as part of a Discovery Day or speak with your account manager. Key industry insights, opportunity to see new Auto Trader developments and advice available now.

Bike buyer insights

With record numbers of visits to Auto Trader Bikes, we’re helping our dealers put their bikes in front of more potential buyers than ever before. Want to see the latest trends for bike buyers?  We surveyed 848 bikes consumers, to equip you with actionable insights to help you sell more bikes. 

Van buyer insights

With 77.9 million adverts viewed in the last 12 months alone, we’re attracting more potential buyers to your vans than ever before. After surveying more than 400 consumers about their buying habits, we reveal the top tips to help you sell more vans. 

Fastest selling car

Each month, using Auto Trader data and insight, we’re able to see the cars which are selling the fastest.  The article is based on a combination of daily guide prices from over 4,500 dealer websites, the 500,000+ ads on and price data from major auctions, fleet & lease companies and manufacturers. A trend also seen is dealers using i-Control, provide accurate valuations ensuring their stock is competitively priced from day one.

Find out which vehicles were the fastest selling recently.

Industry research and trends

Various trends, insights and research projects to help the automotive industry.

Market Report – This report will be released twice a year with each new registration plate change, and will look at the major trends in how consumers buy and sell vehicles today, and how these trends will continue to shape the future of the automotive industry. 

Annual Buying Report – An extensive independent consumer research study carried out by Auto Trader in partnership with a number of leading market research agencies.