Auto Trader Connect, Welcome to real-time retail
  1. Save time

    Remove the inefficiencies of daily data feeds
  2. Increase margin

    Access advanced data to maximise margin
  3. Improve customer experience

    Ensure consistency and accuracy with advanced data in real-time

We’re transforming data feeds and introducing real-time data sharing to your business. Giving you access to advanced vehicle data in your existing stock management system, whilst offering real-time updates across your key selling channels.

Auto Trader Connect, Retail Essentials will be included in advertising packages, with early access available from 1st December 2021 at no extra cost1

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Here’s what it means for retailers:

Being connected in real-time to AutoTrader allows us to have all of the data at our fingertips to manage our inventory as accurately as possible. Enabling us to advertise vehicles with rich vehicle data, price more accurately to optimise margin and manage them across our Parkway Group website and AutoTrader all from one system in real-time Sean Booth, Managing Director, Parkway Motor Group

Advanced vehicle data

Improve margin

Access our advanced vehicle data in your stock management system to make advert creation quicker, easier and more accurate.

If you don’t add the correct specification when listing vehicles, it’s likely that you’re leaving profit on the table. Yet almost 50% of retailers can’t do it accurately as a result of data inaccuracies2. With more advanced data, we can remove these errors, ensuring you maximise the retail price for your vehicles.

Crompton Way Motors
In a nutshell it saves our business time and improves profit per unit. We operate on a fast turnover so this means we can reprice faster to drive higher margins. We also no longer have the frustrating wait for a feed to run, if I want to change a price, correct a mistake or add a new photo, it’s done in an instant, both on Auto Trader and my website. Paul Richards, Managing Director, Crompton Way Motors

Shared between systems

Save time

Create and manage stock from your stock management system, with automatic updates to your other sales channels, saving you time and money.

With one central system, retailers can save valuable time it takes to create and manage stock reducing the need to rekey into multiple systems. That’s less time spent on admin tasks and more time for what matters.

Robins & Day
This enables us to manage our full stock journey in one system, whether that is at the point of bringing a vehicle into stock or managing our retail stock on the forecourt with auto pricing functionality. We are able to manage this in real time in one system removing wasted effort. David Male, Lean Process Improvement Manager, Robins & Day

In real-time

Increase consistency

Add, edit or remove vehicle adverts in an instant, ensuring your key sales channels, including Auto Trader, your website, OEM website and more are kept right up to date.

The days of a daily data feed, where edits can only be made once in a 24-hour period are numbered. We’re working with third party suppliers to ensure your systems sync in real-time, putting an end to consumer enquiries on vehicles that are already sold.

Customers already using Auto Trader Connect

Robins & Day
Peter Vardy

Our partners

We’re working with third party system suppliers to make Auto Trader Connect functionality available for our mutual customers. Access to this functionality requires your chosen third party to have integrated with the required features of our service.

Integrations live today

These third parties have already integrated with Auto Trader Connect3.

Click Dealer
Dragon 2000
Nexus Point
The Whole Caboodle
67 Degrees
21st Century Internet
Motor Dealer Pro
Talk to Media
L & L Automotive
Performance 20
CW Feltham
Dealer Webs
The Covey Agency

Integration in progress

These third parties have confirmed that they will integrate with Auto Trader Connect early in 2022.

Car Dealer 5
MTC Media
Azizi Media
Pinewood Technologies
ADZ Creative & Digital
Marketing Delivery
Enitiative Media
Screeching Halt
Car Dealer Website
Connect Auto
Red Route
Alt Design
Virtual Yard
Autosales Systems
Auto Imaging
Digital Speed
Media Links Online
Raise Digital

Is your provider not on the list?

If you don’t see your provider here, let them know you would like access to this service. You should also fill out the request access form, below so that we can contact third parties on your behalf.

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The quickest way to get started is to click the “Request access” button below and complete the form. It should take less than 5 minutes, but you’ll need to be familiar with the details of the systems you wish to connect, including your primary stock management system, website provider and image provider, if required.

Need more information?

If you want more information or if you’re not familiar with the details of your primary stock management service, register your interest today and we’ll be in touch

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is now included in your Auto Trader advertising package (excluding bespoke contracts) - Although, it requires an integration from your third party system providers to get access.

Click on the “Request access” button above and fill out the form with details of third parties you work with. We’ll be in touch to discuss next steps depending on the integration status of your third parties.

When a stock item is created or edited this data is usually transferred and updated on Auto Trader within minutes, typically between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

Through Auto Trader Connect you’ll get access to our vehicle specification data including standard and optional spec as well as MOT test data and basic history check data. This data is for the purpose of stock creation and management only.

No. Auto Trader Connect does not replace stock exports to other classified providers.

Auto Trader Connect surfaces our advanced vehicle data in your primary stock management system so that you can create and manage stock and sync that in real-time to many other systems, including:

  • Your retailer website
  • Your OEM website (UVL)
  • Auto Trader
  • Image providers
  • Analytics providers (e.g. RWA)

Auto Trader Connect, Retail Essentials will be included in our core advertising packages and includes the following features:

  • Vehicle data / taxonomy: Look up vehicle data with or without a VRM to access MOT test data, basic history check and all specification standard & optional features. Also access to all vehicle taxonomy technical data, including New Car (RRP) pricing, and new car optional specification pricing
  • Instant stock updates: Create, update & delete forecourt stock records, alongside advertising those stock records for relevant advertiser DIDs on Auto Trader in real time
  • Retrieve forecourt stock: Read back forecourt stock records belonging to relevant advertiser DIDs, inclusive of Price Indicator flags, vehicle tech data and advert description / spec features supplied
  • Stock update notifications: Subscribe to receive stock update events (push notifications) when changes are made to stock records belonging to relevant advertiser DIDs, for example price change or sold status change
  • Advert feature data: Enhance the display of vehicle specification options on a website with access to available standard & optional features for a given advert derivative ID, including feature categories & standardised generic names
  • Response metrics Retrieve response metrics for forecourt stock records belonging to relevant advertiser DIDs, this includes Performance Rating, Score, Search & Advert views (yesterday and the last 7 days)

As one of our retailer partners, you don’t need to do anything. Your third-party system provider will integrate with Auto Trader Connect on your behalf. All you need to do is request access via the button above.

It’s powered by an API (application program interface) behind the scenes, but there’s nothing technical you need to know or do yourself. An API just enables the real-time transfer of data between two systems. Your 3rd party will do the integration work, you just get the benefits.

This solution works for all your stock, regardless of whether you advertise it with Auto Trader. You’ll get access to things like our vehicle data in your app for all stock and it can be synched to any applicable third-party service.

Currently integrated and in progress third party integrations are listed above in the “Our partners” section.

We’re working with as many third party service providers to make the service as broadly available as possible, but the decision to integrate this service and the features that third party passes on to its customers rests with the third party. Auto Trader cannot guarantee the availability of this service, or all functionality within the service, for all customers.

All Auto Trader customers can get access to Auto Trader Connect - However, it relies on an integration with your third party system providers.


  1. Applies to core advertising packages, which refers to customers on Bargain, Basic, Starter, Standard, Enhanced, Super and Ultra packages, but excludes bespoke contracts.
  2. Analysis of 252,000 advertised vehicles where OEM data was available, comparing spec added by the retailer to OEM factory fit vehicle data. The combined percentage factoring in network franchises, non-network franchises and independents is 55% of spec was correctly specified.
  3. Providers may have completed integrations for some services, but not all.