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AT Performance Analytics

Measure, track and improve your performance on Auto Trader with Auto Trader Performance Analytics.

Save time by focusing on what’s important and optimise the car buying journey.

  1. Understand how your adverts are performing
  2. Diagnose how you can improve response
  3. Measure the impact of your changes on key metrics

Performance Rating

Easily measure advert performance vs your competitors and know how you can improve. Our new Performance Rating looks at the key metrics of search appearances, advert views and leads & connections helping you to know which vehicles need your attention.

1. Understand your advert performance

Identify vehicles that need your attention

AT Analytics gives you an at-a-glance view of your performance. Quickly scan your advertised stock, understand recent response and identify vehicles which are under performing.

2. Diagnose how you can improve response

Optimise your advert performance through the buying journey

Search appearances

Are car buyers finding your vehicle?

Advert views

Are you enticing car buyers to click on your ad from search?

Leads & connections

Are you converting browsers into buyers?

Your advert checklist

Easy advert optimisation

See at a glance key indicators of advert performance. Improve conversion to lead by making sure your adverts appeal to car buyers and encourage them to make contact.

3. Measure the impact of your changes on key metrics

Measure, track, optimise

Dig into performance at an advert or forecourt level. Advert changes are tracked on a timeline so you can see the impact of changes. Changed a price? See the impact on advert views or leads. Test and learn over time to maximise your response on our platform.

AT Analytics Academy

We’ve put together a series of short videos to show you how AT Analytics works and how you can get the most out of it.

For more videos on how to use Performance Analytics, please see visit our Help and Support area here


You need to be set up with a group view that contains all the sites you look after. Please contact your Account Manager, they can set this up for you.

Your advert needs to have been advertised for a full 24 hour period before we have enough data to calculate a Peformance Rating. If, after this period, a Peformance Rating doesn't appear, we may have insufficient information about your vehicle to calculated an expected response. If some information is missing (e.g. the year of registration) then we cannot calculate a Peformance Rating.

At the moment we do not indicate if your advertising package is limiting your response. We will in the future specify a typical range of where we would expect an advert to perform dependant on package. However that does not mean your advert always performs within this range, it can outperform or underperform package range - it all depends on how you advertise versus someone else advertising a vehicle which shares the same characteristics as yours.

Performance Ratings are calculated and updated in portal daily.

At the top of the Vehicle Edit page. To see a breakdown of the Peformance Rating by search appearance, advert view and enquiry, you can do so in the Analytics tab.

Yes, the your location is taken into account when calculating the expected response of an advert. This goes down to postcode area level, e.g. M for Manchester.

Retail Rating measures the vehicle itself and cannot be influenced. Performance Rating measures the performance of your adverts and updates depending on changes you make.

Every day we calculate an expectation for your advert for search appearances, advert views, leads and connections.

We do this by looking at the characteristics of the vehicle you are advertising and compare it to the advert response of vehicles that share the same characteristics (Make, Model, Trim, Age, Mileage, Body Type, Fuel Type and Location of the vehicle).

We then take this expected advert response and compare it to the response your advert actually generated. The result is plotted on our Peformance Rating. You can hover over each rating to understand more about what it means.

We also split out the Peformance Rating showing you exactly how your advert has performed in each of the 3 stages of advert response – Search Appearances, Advert Views and Leads & Connections.