Test the Trade


The new, quick and cost effective way to dispose of your overage vehicles. 

Launching soon!

"I had an offer on the car within 5 minutes of uploading the advert”

Duncan Metcalf – Dukes Cars

How to Test the Trade

in quick and easy steps from your stock list

You don’t even need to create an ad, as it’s automatically generated from your existing retail advert. Simply set a price that’s interesting to other traders and hit confirm. Quick, easy and effective.


Advertise to retail and trade in just a few clicks

With Test the Trade in just a few clicks, you can publish your ads on our Sourcing and Disposing platform at trade price, whilst keeping them advertised to retail on No selling fees and the best of both worlds. 

Did you know, the average cost to stock vehicles on your forecourt is at least £6 per car per day?

Therefore, a vehicle advertised for 90 days could have already cost you at least £540 in stocking costs alone. Automotive vehicles are a rapidly depreciating asset. That means you need to sell fast, before they become undesirable, overage and begin to eat away at your profit margins.

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