Overage stock? 

You are probably losing money.

Do you know that the cost of stocking vehicles on your forecourt is at least £6 per car per day? Therefore, a vehicle advertised for 90 days could have already cost you at least £540 - not considering depreciation and all the other associated costs! That means you need to sell fast, before your stock begins to eat away your profits.

Shift your overage stock by inviting offers from the trade. 

Stuck with a vehicle after 90 days? If you've tried everything and still can’t sell, it's time to test the response of the trade market. 

FREE for Auto Trader customers

How to Test the Trade

in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Select a test the trade vehicle from your stock list.
  2. Update your pricing following our trade price guidance in the dispose to trade area.
  3. Click save to publish your ad on our Sourcing and Disposing platform.  


"I had an offer on the car within 5 minutes of uploading the advert”

Duncan Metcalf – Dukes Cars

Test the trade to maintain a profitable forecourt.

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