Stock taking long time to sell? 

You are probably losing money.

Do you know that the cost of stocking vehicles on your forecourt is at least £6 per car per day? Therefore, a vehicle advertised for 90 days could have already cost you at least £540 - not considering depreciation and all the other associated costs! That means you need to sell fast, before your stock begins to eat away your profits.

Shift your 90+ days old stock by inviting offers from the trade. 

Stuck with a vehicle after 90 days? If you've tried everything and still can’t sell, it's time to advertise to trade.

FREE for Auto Trader customers

How to advertise to trade

in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Select an advertise to trade vehicle from your stock list in Portal.
  2. Update your pricing following our trade price guidance.
  3. Click save to publish your ad on Autotrade-mail.  


"I had an offer on the car within 5 minutes of uploading the advert”

Duncan Metcalf – Dukes Cars

Advertise to trade to maintain a profitable forecourt.

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