Smart Buying

Smart Buying, formerly known as Autotrade-mail, enables car dealers to efficiently buy and sell vehicles via the UK’s largest Automotive marketplace. With over 25,000 profitable vehicles[1] for sale every day and thousands of buyers, it’s a marketplace that works.

What is Smart Buying?

Smart Buying is Auto Trader's trade stock marketplace, playing host to over 25,000 profitable vehicles every day[1].

Buyers can source stock with ease from the widest range of profitable stock in the UK. Buy with confidence using Auto Trader’s live valuations and unique market insight from the hundreds of thousands of vehicles and millions of car buyers that use us to search for vehicles every month. Buy with ease using our tools designed to help you find the right vehicles to fill your forecourt.

Sellers can also enjoy a buoyant marketplace and with 50% of vehicles selling within 5 days[2], it’s a marketplace that works.

At only £99 +VAT a month, why go elsewhere?

Unique market insight

With the largest footprint on the UK automotive industry, Auto Trader has a wealth of data which can help buyers to source stock to turn for a good margin. We provide you with a live view of the market from the 400,000+ vehicles on our site, along with consumer search behaviour, to give you a truly valuable appraisal on each vehicle on our site. Combine this with your own market knowledge and you have a winning formula to help you source the right vehicles for your forecourt.

The most dynamic Automotive marketplace in the UK

Thousands of buyers and sellers use Smart Buying. With over 25,000 profitable vehicles available each month Smart Buying can be your one stop shop. Take your pick from the broadest range of stock from a variety of sellers.

  • Lease companies
  • Auction houses
  • Franchise & Independent dealers
  • Private sellers
  • All retail adverts on Auto Trader

Let stock come to you

With powerful alerting capabilities, we can let you know when the right vehicle comes along. No need to spend hours trawling through adverts or take time out of your day to trek to auction, simply tell us what your ideal stock profile is, and we’ll let you know as soon as vehicles come up that match your criteria. 

Sell your stock advertising to trade

You know how dangerous it is for your business’ profitability to keep stock unsold on your forecourt for months. Advertise your vehicles both to the retail and the trade market at the same time to maximise your chances sell. You’ll free up space in your forecourt to buy and sell more profitable stock.

 You don’t even need to create an ad, as it’s automatically generated from your existing retail advert. Simply set a price that’s interesting to other traders and hit confirm. Quick, easy and effective.

Get started now with your first month free

Get your first month free when you subscribe to Smart Buying. Thereafter pay just £99 + VAT per month.

Already have an Auto Trader contract? Click the "Sign up" button below to log in to Portal and get started. If you're not logged in, simply log in and go to the "Sourcing" tab.

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[1] 25,000 vehicles based on the total of trade, auction and fleet, private and retail Auto Trader adverts with £1,200 or more estimated margin under 6 years old with less than 80,000 miles as a daily average figure from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018. Estimated margin is an estimate of the margin you could make calculated from the Auto Trader market average retail less the vehicle asking price.

 [2] Based on 43,000 ads removed from the site between 1st January 2017 and 30th September 2017

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