What is Smart Buying?

Smart Buying provides you with real-time data based on the cars that consumers are actually searching for right now, helping you to fill your forecourt with the right stock at the right price. Harness the data in combination with your experience, to support your decisions and refine your search when buying from multiple sources. Attract consumers to your forecourt by stocking the most desirable cars in your local area, turn your forecourt more often, reduce your amount of overage stock and increase your profitability. 

How it works

Using real-time market data, we help you to make informed decisions about what to buy and at what price. No matter what the source, it’s all about buying right for the best stocked forecourt.

Market Guide – get recommendations on which cars are best suited to your requirements. 

Stock Profiler – access unique market intelligence to help you narrow down the cars you should be buying at auctions & other sources, based on quick processing of auction and other sales catalogues.

Estimated margin – instantly identify the best profit opportunities for your forecourt.

What our customers say

“Knowing the desirability of my stock I am able to price it right and sell it quickly, maximising profits. Buying desirable cars and selling them quickly, that is how we solved the overage stock problem.”

Paul Deeley – Brooklyn Hyundai

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